General Contractor Superintendent

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General Contractor Superintendent by Mind Map: General Contractor Superintendent

1. What is the average salary for a super intendant?

1.1. What is the average salary for a super intendant in Texas, specifically central Texas?

1.2. Is there a standard bonus super intendants receive upon completion of a project if any at all? And does this often vary from company to company?

2. What type of free time does a super intendant have on a normal work day?

2.1. when considering, family, friends and other social aspects of a persons life, how much of ones life is consumed by a job like this where being available is a necessity

2.2. How much stress comes with this type of work?

3. How many years of school and field work must one have in order to qualify for the job?

3.1. What is the internship like for someone beginning in this trade?

3.2. What are the better Universities that offer this type of program?

4. What kind of benefits including retirement benefits does this normal field of work offer?

4.1. What kind of benefits are given in order to compensate for the safety hazards in this type of work?

4.2. How often do super intendants get injured on the job and what are some of the risks they see day to day?