Cells: From Molecules to Organisms

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Cells: From Molecules to Organisms by Mind Map: Cells: From Molecules to Organisms

1. Cell Specialization

1.1. Animal tissues

1.1.1. Animal organs Animal Organ Systems Cardiovascular system Respiratory system Digestive system Muscular system Skeletal system

1.2. Plant tissues

1.2.1. Plant organs Plant organ systems Roots Shoots Stems Leaves Flowers Seeds

2. Molecules of Life

2.1. DNA structure and function

2.2. Proteins

2.2.1. Enzymes

3. Homeostasis

3.1. Positive feedback

3.1.1. System instability and its biological role Childbirth

3.2. Negative feedback

3.2.1. Thermoregulation

3.2.2. Blood glucose regulation Diabetes

3.2.3. Exercise, heart rate, and breathing

4. Energy in Living Systems

4.1. Cellular Respiration

4.2. Photosynthesis

4.3. Energy Transfers

5. Cell transport

5.1. Active Transport

5.2. Diffusion and Osmosis

6. Cellular Organelles

6.1. Membranes in cells

7. Growth and Development

7.1. Mitosis

7.2. The Cell Cycle

7.3. DNA Replication

7.4. Cell Differentiation