Feedback to colleagues

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Feedback to colleagues by Mind Map: Feedback to colleagues

1. Agiving feedback on a lesson observation

2. The importance of feedback

3. How a senior leader can secure commitment to improving the quality of teaching and learning

4. Delivering hard messages to colleagues

5. Methods of developing the skills of middle leaders

6. Giving feedback to teacher by following lessons observation to achive maximum impact

7. give some strong and supportive messages it is a high practical method

8. Teachers might be sensitive to being observed in the classroom the scholl wanted to broaden its view

9. A coaching approach can be adopted

10. Model a good practice to develop a good teaching practice

11. CONCLUSION: I can say that observation is an important way to feedback. Once I have been observed I felt uncomfortable, but it has been a rewarding fact eventhough I was critized , I realized I had to improve some teaching methods I was glad and satissfy because I improve myself

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