Sprint 1

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Sprint 1 by Mind Map: Sprint 1

1. Epic 1. User login

1.1. 1.1 User clicks "Login with Linkedin"

1.2. 1.2 User is presented with linkedin popup using the npm library and auth from linkedin app

1.2.1. User types in their username User types in password User successfully logs in User fails to login

2. Epic 2. User events

2.1. User selects 'Create Event'

2.1.1. User types event name * required 1.0 User explains in the text field more about the event *optional 1.2 User clicks brand guidelines user selects one or multiple files (one if complicated for mvp) 1.3 User clicks Image Assets user selects one or multiple images files to attach to the event 1.4 User clicks add people to the event user types the username and clicks add

2.1.2. User doesn't type the event name User goes to any other input field User is show an error, 'please enter event name'

2.2. User Selects existing event

2.2.1. User is can change event description

2.2.2. User selects add more users to event user is given a dropdown as before of existing users to select and add to the event

2.2.3. User selects brand assets User can see current brand assets and can User selects add more user selects file