danzas folcloricas colombianas

Just an initial demo map, so that you don't start with an empty map list ...

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danzas folcloricas colombianas by Mind Map: danzas folcloricas colombianas

1. danzas region atlantica

2. danzas region llanos orientales

2.1. Use toolbar to add ideas

2.2. Key shortcuts

2.2.1. INS to insert (Windows)

2.2.2. TAB to insert (Mac OS)

2.2.3. ENTER to add siblings

2.2.4. DEL to delete

2.2.5. Press F1 to see all key shortcuts

2.3. Drag & Drop and double-click canvas

2.4. Find out more?

2.4.1. Online Help

2.4.2. Use Cases & Templates Personal Todo List Vacation Planning Meeting Minutes Project Plan more...

2.4.3. Tools and Gadgets Offline Mode Geistesblitz Tools Email & SMS Gateways Offline Mode

3. danzas region pacifica

3.1. Check out http://www.mindmeister.com/tools

4. Nuevo nodo

5. danzas region andina

6. danzas region de la amazonia

7. Nuevo nodo

8. Nuevo nodo

9. currulao

10. cumbia

11. sanjuanero

12. joropo

13. danzas de la amazonia colombiana