Product/Project Delivery Risk Cheatsheet

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Product/Project Delivery Risk Cheatsheet by Mind Map: Product/Project Delivery Risk Cheatsheet

1. Technical

1.1. Is it feasible to build?

1.1.1. Will a solution be possible on the proposed platform/technology?

1.2. Can it be made fit for purpose?

1.2.1. Will it have sufficient security, performance, fault tolerance, availability, scalability, etc?

2. Cost/Schedule

2.1. Will it be the best investment of resources?

2.1.1. Opportunity cost Time Money People Infrastructure

2.1.2. Will it at least break even?

2.2. Will we deliver within the timeframe needed?

3. People and System

3.1. Expertise

3.1.1. Will we have the right skills and knowledge to build it?

3.1.2. Will the team have the courage and support to have the conversations needed to seek to maximise the value delivered over time while ensuring a sustainable pace?

3.2. Interaction

3.2.1. Will the team collaborate well? Will the team share ownership and knowledge?

3.3. Motivation and Interest

3.3.1. Will the team be motivated to build/maintain it?

3.4. Focus and Alignment

3.4.1. Will the team have focus and alignment?

4. Business

4.1. User and Customers

4.1.1. Will customers buy it? Will they continue to get sufficient value out of it to keep coming back? Does it meet a sufficiently important need?

4.1.2. Will users use it? Will users figure out how to use it? Will it be sufficiently bug-free for use?

4.2. Market, Industry and Domain

4.2.1. Will it deliver the quality expected by the market/industry/domain?

4.3. Organisation

4.3.1. Will it also work for the various internal aspects of the org: sales, marketing, finance, legal, etc?