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RPG by Mind Map: RPG

1. Main story

1.1. Our Champion Finds a relic which teleports him back in time.

1.2. Story

1.2.1. Story setting Medeival/Fantasy/Magical Setting

1.2.2. Main plots for npcs

1.2.3. Plots for Npcs

1.2.4. Sub Plots for npcs

2. Dungeons

2.1. Stronger challenging enemies and bosses

2.2. Chance of getting better loot but not gauranteed

3. Healing

3.1. Player Healing

3.1.1. Types of healing spells

3.2. Enemy Healing

3.2.1. Types of healing spells

3.3. Healing Potions

3.3.1. Different potion strengths

4. Environment

4.1. Environment size

4.1.1. How big is world 1 unity unit = 1 metre

4.2. Enironment types

4.2.1. Whats environment like in different parts of world

4.3. Environment Zones

4.3.1. Different level of difficulty zones with harder to kill mpnsters

4.4. Environment weather

4.4.1. Snow rain etc

4.5. Environment characteristics

4.5.1. Snow marsh grass forests etc

4.6. Environment Lighting

4.6.1. Day/night cycle

4.7. Zone names

4.7.1. Zone sizes

4.8. Buildings & Villages

4.8.1. Zone,Building and village names

4.9. World map

4.9.1. Shows world map and player position in world

4.10. Zone Map

4.10.1. Shows zonal map and player position in zone

5. NPC

5.1. NPC characters

5.1.1. Different npc charcters

5.2. NPC vendors

5.2.1. Npc vendors will sell items that are sold to them by players.They will behave like a buy it now auction house for players, eg an armour vendor will only buy/sell armour and a weapon vendor will only buy/sell weapons.Vendors will buy at the going rate and sell for a small profit

5.3. NPC Levels

5.3.1. Will vary depending on where in the world they are

5.4. NPC Names

5.4.1. Various names depending on their role in story

5.5. NPC roles eg questgivers/storytellers

5.5.1. Depends on their role in the story

6. Bosses

6.1. Dungeon bosses

6.2. World bosses

7. Buffs

7.1. Allow friendly player buffs

7.1.1. improves character stats

7.2. Allow potion self buffs by player

7.2.1. Different potions for different self buffs

7.3. Allow player debuffs from enemies

7.3.1. negatively impacts character stats

8. Enemy Combat

8.1. Enemy combat system

8.1.1. Melee Types of melee Attacks

8.1.2. Ranged Types of Ranged

8.1.3. Spell Types of Spells

9. Player skills

9.1. Weapon skills

9.1.1. Improves hit rating with that type of weapon equipped

9.2. Profession skills

9.2.1. Improves Items allowed to craft

9.3. Gathering skills

9.3.1. Improves gathering time and resource types allowed to gather

10. Player experience

10.1. Player enjoyment of levels and design and mechanics

10.2. Good story easy to follow

11. Movement

11.1. Player Movement

11.1.1. Mouse and keyboard controls

11.1.2. shortcut keys

11.2. Enemy Movement

11.2.1. AI Movement and detection range

11.2.2. AI Combat

11.2.3. AI out of combat eg doing stuff or idle etc

12. Enemy

12.1. Enemy types

12.1.1. Depending on zone and storyline

12.2. Enemy spawns

12.2.1. Varying spawn rates

12.3. Enemy zones

12.3.1. Yes

12.4. Enemy drops

12.4.1. What sort of items does enemy drop Potions weapons armor junk skill up tokens

12.5. Enemy stats

12.5.1. Stats vary depending on level of zone

12.6. Enemy weapons

12.6.1. Enemies change weapons and attack types

12.7. Enemy Healing

12.7.1. Can enemy heal y/n or does enemy have healers to aid it

12.8. Player enemy?

12.8.1. pvp

13. Menu

13.1. Look and Feel

13.2. Options

13.2.1. Log in/out only neccesary for multiplayer

13.2.2. Select Character screen Select previously created character

13.2.3. Create character Create Character screen choose from different classes and races Choose different sexes

13.2.4. Character customisation Change hair/skin colour etc Change faces and height

13.2.5. Settings Allow settings changes from in game also Sound Graphics Keyboard keys

14. Player

14.1. Player class and race and level

14.2. Player health and Mana/energy bars

14.3. Player stats

14.3.1. Player stats panel Character stats Stamina Energy Mana Melee attack Spell damage Ranged damage Hit rating Stealth rating

14.3.2. Character weapons Have stats on them to increase player stats

14.4. Player Inventory

14.4.1. Icon based inventory system

14.5. Player inventory have max items allowed to carry eg max weight

14.6. Player skills

14.6.1. Player skills panel Character skills Improve skills through practice or with tokens improves hit efficeicny with higher skill level Weapon skill levels level up to get more accurate hits on target

14.7. Player combat

14.7.1. Player combat system Melee Types of melee Attacks Spell Types of Spells Ranged Types of Ranged

14.7.2. PVP combat system Melee Types of melee Attacks Ranged Types of Ranged Spell Types of Spells

14.8. Player armor panel

14.8.1. Character armour Have stats on them to increase player stats

14.9. Player professions

14.9.1. Profesions Have profesions to allow crafting of items Level up to get more proficient at profession Have a couple of professions Resource gathering Level up to get more proficient at gathering Different resources available

15. Drops(Loot) all item levels will be dependent on enemy killed level. Seperate table for item names.

15.1. Weapons

15.1.1. swords one handed two handed

15.1.2. mace one handed

15.1.3. staff two handed

15.1.4. axe one handed two handed

15.1.5. dagger one handed

15.1.6. shields one handed (off hand)

15.2. Armour

15.2.1. legs

15.2.2. chest

15.2.3. hands

15.2.4. head

15.2.5. shoulder

15.2.6. wrists

15.2.7. feet

15.2.8. back

15.3. junk to sell

15.3.1. various grade stuff like weapons and armour

15.4. potions

15.4.1. Health

15.4.2. mana

15.4.3. Energy

15.4.4. strength

15.4.5. Intellect

15.4.6. run speed

15.5. scrolls

15.5.1. Health

15.5.2. Intellect