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RPG by Mind Map: RPG

1. Main story

1.1. About Two millennium ago the planets ozone almost collapsed leaving the world bathing in soaring temperatures killing off life gradually as the heat rose. Some people took their chances above ground, some underwater, while many took shelter in caves deep underground taking what ever resources/animals and plants they could take with them, this caused the human race to split into many isolated factions. The people living below ground over time forgot that any other factions existed and slow fashioned these caves into massive livable areas,collecting any filtered water that ran down through the rocks and growing and farming any foods they could with what they had available. Over the centuries occasional members of your faction ventured out above ground to scrounge new resources. The early adventurers never returned but as the centuries passed occasionally one would return with new resources even seeds and stories of wild, scorched lands with sparse vegetation and weird creatures. Over time the vegetation grew back on the planets surface above and life started to eventually appear again as the temperatures dropped. Other factions also started to eventually emerge to live out on the surface. A Meeting of your factions councilors was held to decide if your people should also move back out to the surface. It is decided that an advance party should be sent out to prepare the way for your people to begin living on the surface, Among them you have been chosen. It is up to you whether you accept this challenge. Your people have knowledge accumulated over the centuries, as well as some ancient knowledge from the time before the division of the human race. when life and lands were laid waste by the heat from the sun.Your faction has held true to many of the moral virtues of the human race and not descended into savagery or supersticious beliefs and religions.

1.2. Alternative story line:-A modern day soldier out on patrol with his platoon got caught up in a freak temporal storm, he got catapulted back through time, back to the middle ages were he had to survive, the only ammunition,weapons and resources he had was what he was carrying and they soon ran out. He learnt to live in the middle ages by adopting the ways of the locals. He eventually became the locals champion by fighting battles against those who would unjustly try to rule over them. One day a very powerful wizard tried to rule them unjustly so he fought the wizard, it was a long hard battle and he had almost won, but the wizard in the last seconds cast a forbidden spell to save himself that tore our soldier`s soul in two leaving him in forever torment, Beaten, our soldier returned to the village, were he learnt that the only way for his soul to be whole again was to defeat the wizard and kill him thus taking his power as his own.

1.3. Our Champion Finds a relic which teleports him to an alternate world in a universe before this was created.?

2. Dungeons

2.1. Stronger challenging enemies and bosses

2.2. Chance of getting better loot but not gauranteed

3. Healing

3.1. Player Healing

3.1.1. Types of healing spells

3.2. Enemy Healing

3.2.1. Types of healing spells

3.3. Healing Potions

3.3.1. Different potion strengths

4. Movement

4.1. Player Movement

4.1.1. Mouse and keyboard controls

4.1.2. shortcut keys

4.2. Enemy Movement

4.2.1. AI Movement and detection range

4.2.2. AI Combat

4.2.3. AI out of combat eg doing stuff or idle etc

5. Enemy

5.1. Enemy types

5.1.1. Depending on zone and storyline

5.2. Enemy spawns

5.2.1. Varying spawn rates

5.3. Enemy zones

5.3.1. Yes

5.4. Enemy drops

5.4.1. What sort of items does enemy drop Potions weapons armor junk skill up tokens

5.5. Enemy stats

5.5.1. Stats vary depending on level of zone

5.6. Enemy weapons

5.6.1. Enemies change weapons and attack types

5.7. Enemy Healing

5.7.1. Can enemy heal y/n or does enemy have healers to aid it

5.8. Player enemy?

5.8.1. pvp

6. Environment

6.1. Environment size

6.1.1. How big is world 1 unity unit = 1 metre

6.2. Enironment types

6.2.1. Whats environment like in different parts of world

6.3. Environment Zones

6.3.1. Different level of difficulty zones with harder to kill mpnsters

6.4. Environment weather

6.4.1. Snow rain etc

6.5. Environment characteristics

6.5.1. Snow marsh grass forests etc

6.6. Environment Lighting

6.6.1. Day/night cycle

6.7. Zone names

6.7.1. Zone sizes

6.8. Buildings & Villages

6.8.1. Zone,Building and village names

6.9. World map

6.9.1. Shows world map and player position in world

6.10. Zone Map

6.10.1. Shows zonal map and player position in zone

7. NPC

7.1. NPC characters

7.1.1. Different npc charcters

7.2. NPC vendors

7.3. NPC Levels

7.3.1. Will vary depending on where in the world they are

7.4. NPC Names

7.4.1. Various names depending on their role in story

7.5. NPC roles eg questgivers/storytellers

7.5.1. Depends on their role in the story

8. Menu

8.1. Look and Feel

8.2. Options

8.2.1. Log in/out only neccesary for multiplayer

8.2.2. Select Character screen Select previously created character

8.2.3. Create character Create Character screen choose from different classes and races Choose different sexes

8.2.4. Character customisation Change hair/skin colour etc Change faces and height

8.2.5. Settings Allow settings changes from in game also Sound Graphics windowed y/n Keyboard keys

9. Story

9.1. Story setting

9.1.1. Medeival/Fantasy/Magical Setting

9.2. Main plots for npcs

9.3. Plots for Npcs

9.4. Sub Plots for npcs

10. Bosses

10.1. Dungeon bosses

10.2. World bosses

11. Buffs

11.1. Allow friendly player buffs

11.1.1. improves character stats

11.2. Allow potion self buffs by player

11.2.1. Different potions for different self buffs

11.3. Allow player debuffs from enemies

11.3.1. negatively impacts character stats

12. Enemy Combat

12.1. Enemy combat system

12.1.1. Melee Types of melee Attacks

12.1.2. Ranged Types of Ranged

12.1.3. Spell Types of Spells

13. Player

13.1. Player class and race and level

13.2. Player health and Mana/energy bars

13.3. Player stats

13.3.1. Player stats panel Character stats Stamina Energy Mana Melee attack Spell damage Ranged damage Hit rating Staelth rating

13.3.2. Character weapons Have stats on them to increase player stats

13.4. Player Inventory

13.4.1. Icon based inventory system

13.5. Player inventory have max items allowed to carry eg max weight

13.6. Player skills

13.6.1. Player skills panel Character skills Improve skills through practice or with tokens improves hit efficeicny with higher skill level Weapon skill levels level up to get more accurate hits on target

13.7. Player combat

13.7.1. Player combat system Melee Types of melee Attacks Spell Types of Spells Ranged Types of Ranged

13.7.2. PVP combat system Melee Types of melee Attacks Ranged Types of Ranged Spell Types of Spells

13.8. Player armor panel

13.8.1. Character armour Have stats on them to increase player stats

13.9. Player professions

13.9.1. Profesions Have profesions to allow crafting of items Level up to get more proficient at profession Have a couple of professions Resource gathering Level up to get more proficient at gathering Different resources available

14. Player skills

14.1. Weapon skills

14.1.1. Improves hit rating with that type of weapon equipped

14.2. Profession skills

14.2.1. Improves Items allowed to craft

14.3. Gathering skills

14.3.1. Improves gathering time and resource types allowed to gather

15. Player experience

15.1. Player enjoyment of levels and design and mechanics

15.2. Good story easy to follow

16. Drops(Loot) all item levels will be dependent on enemy killed level. Seperate table for item names.

16.1. Weapons

16.1.1. swords one handed two handed

16.1.2. mace one handed

16.1.3. staff two handed

16.1.4. axe one handed two handed

16.1.5. dagger one handed

16.1.6. shields one handed (off hand)

16.2. Armour

16.2.1. legs

16.2.2. chest

16.2.3. hands

16.2.4. head

16.2.5. shoulder

16.2.6. wrists

16.2.7. feet

16.2.8. back

16.3. junk to sell

16.3.1. various low grade stuff like weapons and armour

16.4. potions

16.4.1. Health

16.4.2. mana

16.4.3. Energy

16.4.4. strength

16.4.5. Intellect

16.4.6. run speed

16.5. scrolls

16.5.1. Health

16.5.2. Intellect