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Lifecycle by Mind Map: Lifecycle

1. IT Request

1.1. Open a ticket on the platform

1.1.1. Hardware Purchase Permission to purchase ? Assistance (software issue) Office Remote Repair (hardware issue) Office Remote

1.1.2. Software Assistance Try to solve Permission The asker has the right permission ?

2. Onboarding

2.1. 1. Newbie says yes

2.1.1. Send a promise of employment

2.1.2. Send a welcome mail to the newbie with the first week program, a typeform to get his info and make him choose hardware

2.2. 2. Newbie sends his infos

2.2.1. Ask manager to fill out a typeform for his IT Needs

2.2.2. French contract Create French contract and send it Send Office and Company infos

2.2.3. International contract Ask Lawyer for International contract and send it Manage relocation process

2.3. 3. IT Needs

2.3.1. Purchase hardware

2.3.2. Create all accounts

2.3.3. Associate the newbie with his manager on payfit

2.3.4. Add the newbie on the right mail and slack groups

2.3.5. Create a guest channel on Slack between newcomer and his/her future team

2.4. 4. First day of the newbie

2.4.1. Give welcome pack

2.5. 5. Onboarding Week / Reverse Day

2.5.1. Send an email to the newbie to explain him what is reverse day and onboarding week.

2.5.2. Add events to the newbie agenda

2.6. 6. Astonishment report

2.6.1. Send an email to the employee to get his astonishment report

3. Offboarding

3.1. 1. Employee wants to leave

3.1.1. Office Give contract

3.1.2. Remote Send contract

3.2. 2. Leaving day

3.2.1. Office Collect laptop

3.2.2. Remote Make the employee send the laptop

3.2.3. Remove accesses

3.2.4. Terminate contract

3.2.5. Manage last payroll and administrative details

3.2.6. Employee gave/sent hardware Yes Wipe laptop Update laptop spare DB No Block and wipe his laptop remotly

4. Security

4.1. Phising

4.1.1. 1 King of the Congo Spam

4.1.2. 2 Advertisement Spam

4.1.3. 3 New order Spam

4.1.4. 4

4.1.5. 5 Password reset spam