Pig-nosed turtles

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Pig-nosed turtles by Mind Map: Pig-nosed turtles

1. History of turtles

1.1. Turtles are among the oldest creatures in the world.

1.2. The pig-nosed turtle family is over 200 million years old.

2. Characteristics of the turtle

2.1. The pig-nosed turtles have flipper instead of feel.

2.2. The pig-nosed turtles have noses look like a pig's snout,or nose.

3. Residence

3.1. Pig-nosed turtles live in rivers in northern Australia and southern papua New Guinea.

4. Protecting Species

4.1. The Indonesian government and CITES now Protect the species.

4.2. In recent years, thousands of pig-nosed turtles have been rescued from poachers.

5. Endangered

5.1. Unluckkily for the pig-nosed turtle, its eggs and meat were a common source of food for communities in papua New Guinea and Indonesia.

5.2. In Australia, the cause was loss of habitat due to agriculture,mining and fishing.