Case Study - How we did 14 deals in 3 months, in a virtual market, without any direct mail, witho...

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Case Study - How we did 14 deals in 3 months, in a virtual market, without any direct mail, without talking to any sellers by Mind Map: Case Study - How we did 14 deals in 3 months, in a virtual market, without any direct mail, without talking to any sellers

1. Example Deals

1.1. Old Alton Rd Birmingham, AL

1.1.1. 3 bed, 1bath, 946 sqft

1.1.2. Zest $44,000

1.1.3. Under contract for $22,500

1.1.4. Sold $33,500

1.1.5. Gross profit was $11,000

1.1.6. Our profit $4,218.81

1.2. 3rd St NW, Birmingham, AL

1.2.1. 4 bed, 1 bath, 1997sqft

1.2.2. Zest $91,000

1.2.3. Under contract $44,250

1.2.4. Sold $52,500

1.2.5. Gross was $8,250.00

1.2.6. Our Profit $3,506.25

1.3. Lynn Acres Dr. Birmingham, AL

1.3.1. 3 bed, 1 bath, 1183sqft

1.3.2. Zest $70,500

1.3.3. Under contract $37,000

1.3.4. Sold $46,000

1.3.5. Gross was 9,000 (was 10,000 but I had to take a cut due to bad tenants and undisclosed unpaid rent until right before closing)

1.3.6. Our Profit $3,825.00

1.3.7. This is why you need a coach

1.4. 3 closed this month already

1.4.1. Red Mill Rd. Birmingham, AL Gross was $8,907 (a lien issue we agreed to cover but original gross was 10,000) Our profit $3,886

1.4.2. 40th Ct. N Birmingham, AL Gross was $10,000 Our profit $4,250

1.4.3. 27th Ct NW Birmingham, AL Gross was $8,500 Our profit $3,613

1.4.4. Total Profits this month so far Gross $27,407 Our Profit $11,748

2. How You Can Work With Us

2.1. We want to do more deals

2.2. We are looking to expand into new markets

2.3. This is not coaching / mentoring

2.4. We are looking for several select partners that we can personally work with to open new markets and launch a complete wholesaling and lease options business from scratch.

2.5. You have two choices

2.5.1. You can take what we just talked about and do it yourself

2.5.2. Or, we can continue what you learned today...

2.5.3. And you can work directly with Joe and Gavin

2.5.4. Where we can help you...

2.5.5. ... and implement everything we just talked about

2.6. Who this is not for

2.6.1. If you're lazy and don't want to put in any effort / work

2.6.2. If you're broke & don't have any money

2.7. What you're getting

2.8. It's limited...

2.8.1. The number of individuals that we can work with in each market is extremely limited, so this is strictly on first come, first served basis

2.9. Let's get on the phone and talk to see if you would be a good fit

2.10. Text "DEALS" to 888-901-4087

3. The Details

3.1. The Marketing

3.1.1. Cold Calling

3.1.2. Get a list of high equity absentee owners

3.1.3. Specific zips

3.1.4. Skip trace them & get phone numbers

3.1.5. Call them Script...

3.1.6. No direct mail, no PPC, no texting Craigslist, no Zillow, no bandit signs, no MLS, no auctions,

3.2. The Tools That We Use

3.2.1. Mojo Sells

3.2.2. Podio

3.2.3. Skype

3.2.4. Vumber

3.3. The Team

3.3.1. You

3.3.2. Virtual Assistant Good English & fast internet Make the initial calls Prescreen the leads Input the leads into Podio

3.3.3. Local wholesalers They call the seller They negotiate the deals They follow up Get it under contract Wholesale it to their buyers Handle the closing and money, title, escrow, etc

4. What you're going to discover...

4.1. How we did 14 deals in 3 months, in a virtual market, without any direct mail, without talking to any sellers

4.2. The marketing that we did

4.3. The tools that we used

4.4. The team we work with

4.5. How you too can do this with us

5. Why listen to us?

5.1. Wasting lots of money on direct mail marketing

5.2. Working too hard

5.3. "How can I do none of this?"

5.4. Did deals while traveling

5.5. Went to Europe twice for 2-3 months

5.6. Went on a RV trip for 3 months

5.7. Coached 100's of people to do the same

5.8. We are still doing deals today

5.9. Average deal details, right now in two different markets

5.9.1. Cost per deal is under $500

5.9.2. Average deal $7700

5.9.3. Grossed over $100,000 in 3 months

5.9.4. We have 3 more properties in closing right now!

5.9.5. We just got 4 more deals under contract right now

6. Who is this for?

6.1. If you’re struggling to get your business off the ground or just tired of trying to do this alone

6.2. Anyone who wants to increase their cash flow and do more deals

6.3. ... who wants to make more money, working less

6.4. Maybe you live in a large, competitive market

6.5. Maybe you live in a small rural market

6.6. You can't do deals in your backyard - too expensive, too competitive

6.7. You've already tried a bunch of direct mail and it is not working

6.8. You want to spend more time with your family, less time working

7. Imagine if...

7.1. You could do deals from a cafe in Prague...

7.2. A beach in Spain

7.3. A RV in Yellow Stone

7.4. Your own back yard or Starbbucks

7.5. On your own terms...

7.6. So you can have the luxury of spending more time with your family

7.7. ... without losing your nights and weekends

8. Here's the problem

8.1. Markets are HOT

8.2. Too much competition

8.3. Marketing costs too high

8.4. Direct mail doesn't work as well as it used to

8.5. It has gotten too complicated

8.6. All the systems and tools have gotten overwhelming