Report Processes

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Report Processes by Mind Map: Report Processes

1. 1: Gathering Process

1.1. Calls (when recording is in place)

1.1.1. quality <*>

1.1.2. volume average time spent on phone

1.2. Livechat

1.2.1. quality evaluation of chats <*> delivery resolution

1.2.2. volume average time spent on livechat

1.3. Email responses

1.3.1. volume #of responses in x days (have set averages)

1.3.2. quality passive check x #of predefined reply emails <*> x #of custom reply emails <*> active check flagged in webdoc by Amber for review, Gerard to notify Amber of poor responses as well

2. 2: Creating Report from Gathered information

2.1. volume load

2.2. overall quality

2.2.1. specific examples of strong service

2.2.2. specific examples that require improvement

2.3. Areas for performance improvement

2.3.1. how this can be done retraining? restructure process?

2.4. Gerard's submitted evaluation of team member (state of member)

2.4.1. personal issues

2.4.2. health

2.4.3. job satisfaction level

3. 3: Evaluate

3.1. Overall Grade-A, B, C, D, F (with checks and minuses)

3.2. What can employee expect if performance improves. What can employee expect if performance declines

3.3. Does support need to start looking for new recruits for eventual replacement?