The Wallace Group

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The Wallace Group by Mind Map: The Wallace Group

1. Management

1.1. In need of Management Development Program

1.2. Lack of managers with experience

1.3. The Wallace Group has gotten too big for Wallace to handle as one man.

1.4. Wallace, although he states he is, is not open to change.

2. Corporate Policies

2.1. Want to hire employees below the salary grade midpoint

2.2. Each department has their own way of preparing marketing strategies, and nothing has been done to change them to be corporate friendly.

2.3. Transfer Pricing

3. Personnel

3.1. Cannot seem to recruit engineers

3.2. Current engineers already make more than is possible with the Wallace Group

4. Integrated Company

4.1. There are 3 parts to this company, that are working as 3 parts. The company never quite integrated.

4.2. Too much miscommunication.

5. Strategic Planning

5.1. Short term planning majority.