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Roy Han by Mind Map: Roy Han

1. Past (Grade 8-9)

1.1. Values

1.1.1. Family I loved hanging out with family and keeping up with family traditions despite the rocky relationship that was present in my household at the time

1.1.2. Happiness During this time, i was rarely sad and I was always happy with school and hanging out with my friends

1.1.3. Freedom

1.2. Personality

1.2.1. Shy I used to be shy but entering high school, I made a lot of friends and was always happy

1.2.2. Naive Saw the world very one sided and childish

1.2.3. Open to everyone Liked talking and interacting with everyone and tried to be open

1.2.4. Confidence I had a lot of self confidence during this time period and was oblivious to the world and carried myself highly but was still shy to talk to some people and talk to adults

1.3. Interests

1.3.1. Tennis

1.3.2. Friends Didn't really go out with friends much but liked talking to them at school or occasionally going out

1.3.3. Debate Joined debate club and competed on school team in regionals

1.3.4. School Was focused on school and liked to do well

1.4. goals

1.4.1. Happiness didn't have a set vision but focused mainly on happiness

1.4.2. FInding passion I liked to explore and move from hobby to hobby and had many interests around this time

2. Present (Grade 11)

2.1. Values

2.1.1. Friendships I believe a vital part of life and in the pursuit of happiness, friends are a great importance in being able to not feel lonely or having good people to rely on.

2.1.2. Justice I strongly believe in justice and I believe it's important for everyone to exhibit a strong moral compass.

2.1.3. A free society I believe in a free society with many different opinions and a society who is filled with people who think for themselves and do not blindly follow the crowd or what's popular. I believe free speech and voicing opinions are a vital part of a democratic society

2.1.4. Family I value my family very much and everything I do is in part for my mother and father. I believe that I live my life not just for myself but for those who are important to me.

2.2. Personality

2.2.1. Leadership Executive and leader of clubs and activities

2.2.2. Open minded and easy going I consider myself open minded on many topics and a very easy going person to talk to and very good with people as sales and interacting with people is part of my job at the kickboxing gym.

2.2.3. Optimistic

2.3. Interests

2.3.1. Acting I currently do acting as a second job and I am still in pursuit but I enjoy it very much.

2.3.2. Martial Arts I currently teach and train in martial arts such as Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and boxing.

2.3.3. Tennis and Rugby I play both tennis and rugby in school. I enjoy both very much and it has always been fun for me.

2.3.4. Politics I love politics and could go on for hours on a news or political topic. Debating has always been a strong passion of mine. I'm currently on my school's model UN club.

2.3.5. Trying something new While I'm still young, I hope to try many new things and be able to create new memories and experience with the time I have.

2.3.6. Meeting new people I love meeting people face to face and learning about everyone's story and their life.

2.4. Goals

2.4.1. Impact on those around me Furthermore, I hope to make a positive impact on people around me. I hope to inspire people and really have people see the good in the world and be able to change it in a positive view.

2.4.2. Always be able to take care of those around me One thing that I truly love is really being able to be there for those around me who support and love me and have helped me along the way. I always felt it's good to be able to do the right thing and help people. Especially those who are a big part of your life.

2.4.3. No regrets, try to achieve something I want to do Right now, I have a general idea of what I want to go into and I hope to really be able to explore my options these upcoming couple of years

2.4.4. Marketing, Acting, Fitness Right now, I work as an actor for commercials and as a fitness trainer/coach in kickboxing.

3. Future (Early 20s)

3.1. Values

3.1.1. Standing up for ones opinions I believe that in the future, I would hope to be a person who is willing to voice their opinions and isn't afraid of being right or wrong. I sincerely believe that freedom of speech is an important right and everyone is entitled to their opinions.

3.1.2. Voicing out injustices in the world Once again, I enjoy voicing my opinions and I hope to change the world for the better in the future

3.2. Personality

3.2.1. More of a people-person I hope that in the future, I will have many connections and be able to interact with a variety of people and be able

3.2.2. friendly but commanding In the future, I want to be the boss of my own destiny and be in control at all times. I plan on starting a business or doing what I love.

3.2.3. Leader In the future, I would like to take on more leadership positions as I do not enjoy following others blindly and I hope to be able to work towards my own vision and dream.

3.2.4. Stand out in a crowd When I'm older, I want to be able to stand out in a crowd and be set a part from an average person in a good way. I don't want to settle for mediocre because we only live one life and I want to be able to be unique.

3.2.5. Ambitious Ambitious is a very important trait in my opinion for youth living in modern society to be able to really achieve your desired goals in the long run.

3.3. Interests

3.3.1. Work Hopefully in the future, I'd be able to find a career that I truly enjoy and can be proud of.

3.3.2. Hobbies Same thing with work, Ideally, I'd be able to turn my hobby into my work.

3.3.3. Meeting new people In my job right now, I train people and teach kickboxing and my favourite part of the job is the face to face interaction involved.

3.4. Goals

3.4.1. Established in Career field I believe that in 10 years, I'd be able to be fairly established in my career field or at least moving into a stable career path.

3.4.2. Travel I love to travel and experience new things. Hopefully in the future, I'd be able to travel and share my experiences with family and loved ones as travelling and experiences should be experienced with those close to you.