Web 2.0 Tools-Nancy Abernathy & Amanda Kyle EDU 558

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Web 2.0 Tools-Nancy Abernathy & Amanda Kyle EDU 558 by Mind Map: Web 2.0 Tools-Nancy Abernathy & Amanda Kyle    EDU 558

1. Collaboration

1.1. Skype

1.1.1. Link A communication tools used for free calling or chat

1.2. PenPal Schools

1.2.1. Website to connect students and classrooms around the world and fosters collaboration on projects

1.2.2. Link

1.3. Mindmeister

1.3.1. A tool that lets students create, collaborate and share their learning Link

1.3.2. Edmodo Extremely similar to Twitter, except specifically designed for educators, Edmodo facilitates collaboration and content sharing among students, teachers, and school districts. Link Gliffy Gliffy Online has two ways to make document sharing simple. Collaboration enables others to see and edit your work by simply entering their email address. Publishing creates a read-only, or public, image of your diagram that you can easily embed in a wiki, blog, or other type of web software. Scribblar

2. Video/Photo Editing

2.1. Youtube

2.1.1. Link Youtube is a video sharing service where users can watch, upload and comment on videos.

2.2. Teachertube

2.2.1. A safe platform created for the education setting to upload or view instructional videos and other content like photos and blogs

2.2.2. Link

2.2.3. Animoto A video maker turns your photos and video clips into professional videos in minutes. Fast and shockingly simple - we make video creation easy. Link PicMonkey An online photo editing and design service that can be accessed from the web browser.

3. Podcasting

3.1. SoundCloud

3.1.1. A platform to create and share audio

3.1.2. Link

3.2. Podbean

3.2.1. Tool used to upoload, manage and publish a podcast

3.2.2. Link

3.2.3. Art Mobs Encourages student participation in creating audio guides that describe and critique art. The organizers provide themes and inspiration in the form of open-ended questions to assist participants in getting started. Learners are invited to forward completed podcasts to Art Mobs. Link

4. Blogging

4.1. EduBlog

4.1.1. A meaningful way for students to read and write Link Global learning tool that offers lessons, collaboration, virtual field trips, guest speakers in to your classroom

4.2. Kidblog

4.2.1. Platform for reading, writing and collaboration

4.2.2. Link

4.2.3. Art Ed 2.0 Online professional learning community of art educators who participate in forums, groups, blogs, and photo and video sharing to globally connect with other art education instructors. Link

5. Wikis/Web Design

5.1. Google Sites

5.1.1. Tool to use in place of wikis to create and collaborate on web pages

5.1.2. Link

5.2. Glogster

5.2.1. Tool used to create interactive glog with text, audio, video and images

5.2.2. Link

5.2.3. Artsonia Tool to provide every student artist with gallery space for their artwork. Link Google Drawing Tool Tool useful during the design phase of their art work. Students can draw diagrams and create drawings to later insert into project documents, presentations, and web pages. Tagxedo

6. Assessment

6.1. Kahoot

6.1.1. Platform to give quizzes and surveys

6.1.2. Link

6.1.3. Site that uses video, quizzes and games to meet state standards

6.2. Schooltube

6.2.1. A safe, video sharing platform for students and teachers

6.2.2. Link

6.3. BrainPOP Jr.

6.3.1. Link

6.4. Seesaw

6.4.1. Digital Portfolio where you can assess and students can create, collaborate and share their learning Link

6.5. Mindmeister

6.5.1. Can also be used as an assessment tool Link

7. PLN

7.1. RSS

7.1.1. Feedly delivers personalized news content to be read, shared and organized Link

7.2. Twitter

7.2.1. Social Networking and Online News source that can be personalized to meet the needs and interests of the user Link

7.2.2. Pinterest A free website that one can find tons of projects that fit within visual art grade level expectations and it's very informative for the arts. Link Incrediable Art It’s a free website available for anyone to follow, you can find art lessons on about any subject.