Educator Mobile Apps

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Educator Mobile Apps by Mind Map: Educator Mobile Apps

1. Organization

1.1. iDoceo

1.2. Teacher Assistant Pro: Classroom Management

1.3. Teacher Kit

2. Student Learning

2.1. Kahoot

2.1.1. Want to turn a boring lesson into a game to motivate your students, but don’t have the skills to make a game from scratch? The GetKahoot app makes it easy to turn your class into a game show. Your students can then download the Kahoot app to use as a buzzer to join in on the fun.

2.2. Epic Unlimited Books for Kids

2.2.1. Hffhb

2.3. Educreations

2.4. Study Blue

3. Teacher Communication/Collaboration

3.1. Class Dojo

3.2. Seesaw

3.3. Teacher Learn Lead

3.4. Class Tree