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Easy2Track by Mind Map: Easy2Track

1. Admin App

1.1. Asignar Tiendas a furgon

1.1.1. Automatic Distribution

1.1.2. Manual Editing

1.2. Iniciar el recogido o enganche de furgon

1.2.1. Asignar Driver a Furgon

1.3. Recopilar datos y documentos finales para culminar proceso de exportacion

1.3.1. Peso

1.3.2. Bill of lading

1.3.3. PDF final Print

2. Order Request ( The Store request a PickUp. The Administrator calls and request the PickUp. The Driver goes to the Store and request the PickUp.)

2.1. THE CHECK OUT ( A driver goes to the stores and picks up the tires. Document the amount of tires and confirms with the store owner the amount)

2.1.1. THE CHECK IN ( The Driver "Transportista" takes the tires to the headquarters "Almacenador". A designated person checks in the tires and document the amount of tires received. This tires are stored to be process for shipment.) EXPORTATION ( The tires are assigned to a container "Furgón". We document the weight of the tires, container and also collect the bill of landing of the shipment ) All this information is printed.

3. LogIn

3.1. Almacenador App

3.1.1. 0 to 500 Tires Confirm PickUp Thanks your order have been received

3.1.2. 501 or More Tires Confirm PickUp Thanks your order have been received

3.2. PickUp (Drivers) App

3.2.1. PickUp Route Get Directions Open directions on google Maps Confirm PickUp Tires CheckOut Total Of Tires Total by Size

3.3. CheckIn App

3.3.1. Check In List Total of Tires Adjust Quantity of Tires Route Details Name of Stores & Quantity Checked Out Check In

3.4. Forgot Your Password

3.4.1. Check your email for a link that will allow you to reset your password EMAIL

3.4.2. This Email is not associated to any account