HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe

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HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe by Mind Map: HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe

1. Current Education

1.1. birth control methods

1.1.1. false beliefs withdrawal method using more than 1 condom inability to say no using cotton as a means of absorbing sperm

1.2. false beliefs

1.2.1. mosquito bites

1.2.2. sharing food

1.2.3. supernatural means

2. transmission

2.1. what gender is more at risk?

2.2. Is sexuality a factor?

2.2.1. heterosexual

2.2.2. homosexual

2.3. age

2.3.1. adolecent

2.3.2. young adult

2.3.3. middle age long term use of condoms

2.4. sex workers

2.5. polygamous relationships

3. current prevention methods

3.1. prevention of mother to child (antiretroviral drugs)

3.2. male circumcison

3.3. pre-exposure prophylaxis

4. recommendations

4.1. HIV prevention is very important and easier in comparison to HIV treatment (especially financially)

4.2. scale up male circumcision

4.3. distribute HIV test kits

4.4. reduce stigmas