North Star Park

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North Star Park by Mind Map: North Star Park

1. 2. Planning

1.1. Project Management Plan

1.1.1. WBS - With Skill Matrix Phase 1 Identify Teams Identify Deliverables Create Parks Board Project Approval Identify Stakeholders Phase 2 Deliverable Phase 3 Deliverable Phase 4 Deliverable Phase 5 Deliverable

1.1.2. Est Time and Cost

1.1.3. Sequence of Activities

1.1.4. Project Schedule

1.1.5. Key Milestones

1.1.6. Required Resources Grants FWP - Montana Accessible Playgrounds NPRA MT State Parks - Recreation Grants Urban Enhancement Funding Rural Improvement District Fundraising Sponsorship

1.1.7. Sub Management Plans Communication Plan Stakeholder Communication Requirements Information to be communicated including form, content and level Person who will Communicate Who will receive Communication Method of Communication Time Frame and Frequency Escalation procedures for issues Updating of Plan Glossary of Project Terminology Team Communication Procedures Performance Reporting Procedures Quality Management Plan Plan Quality Perform Quality Assurance Perform Quality Control Change Plan Identifying Documenting Approval Process Controlling

1.1.8. Key Risks Identify Risks Perform qualitative risk analysis Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis Plan Risk Response Monitor and Control Risk

1.1.9. Project Approach

2. 1. Project Initiation

2.1. 1.1 Initiation

2.1.1. Project Charter High-Level Project Description Project Purpose Measurable project Objectives and related success criteria High-Level Requirements High-Level Risks Summary Milestone Schedule Summary Buget Project Approval Requirements Assigned Project Manager, resp. and authority Name and Authority of Sponsor

2.1.2. Stakeholders Team Oversight Team Consulants Project Planning Team Park Board Special Interest Groups Moms Dog Owners ADA Homeschool Military

2.1.3. Project Scope Statement Project Description Project Acceptance Criteria Project Deliverables Landscaping Maintenance Equipment Paths Project Exclusions Insurance Project Constraints Project Assumptions

3. 3. Project Closure

3.1. 3.1 Final Product Evaluation

3.2. 3.2 Project Completion

3.3. 3.3 Process Improvement

4. Executing

4.1. Acquiring Project Team

4.1.1. Landscape Architect

4.2. Developing Project Team