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Immune Systems Terms and Concepts by Mind Map: Immune Systems Terms and
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Immune Systems Terms and Concepts

Humoral immunity (memory cells, plasma cells) Antibody-mediated immune response

Primary Response - pathogen into the bloodstream, two defenses humoral and cell mediated

Cell Mediated - if a macrophage, a white blood cell whose job it is to protect the body from infection, comes across with a pathogen by noting its foreign protein coat, then it will begin to destroy it. T-helper cell

Second Response - neither the killer T-cells nor the B-cells just die off after they kill the pathogen. They leave behind the memory cells with stay behind to watch for the pathogen., Memory cells- actively acquired specific immunity possesses memory antigen.

Reaction Antigen

Antigen Binding

Antigen presentation stimulate T cells to become either cytotoxic or helper cells

Natural Killers - involves proteins call compliments

Process Lysis