Educational Assistants -- A Guide for Teachers

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Educational Assistants -- A Guide for Teachers by Mind Map: Educational Assistants --   A Guide for Teachers

1. EA Qualifications

1.1. Minimum 2-year degree or equivalent in a related field. Examples include:

1.1.1. Early Childhood Education

1.1.2. Child and Youth Worker

1.1.3. Social Services Worker

1.1.4. Educational Assistant

1.2. Needed Skills

2. What do EAs do?

2.1. EAs work to support students in a school under the guidance of the classroom teacher.

2.2. EAs help the classroom teacher to implement programming and learning activities

2.3. The Role of Educational Assistants

3. Tips for working with EAs

3.1. Take a collaborative approach! You are the team leader -- not the boss.

3.2. Communicate regularly! Include EAs in meetings and classroom planning.

3.3. Provide opportunities for EAs at the school to take initiative and grow professionally!

3.4. Build positive relationships with your team -- show compassion and understanding for the EAs you work with.

3.5. Remember! Being an EA isn't easy -- just as being a teacher isn't easy.

4. Great EAs will:

4.1. Collaborate as part of the IEP process

4.2. Implement IEP accommodations and modifications

4.3. Monitor and record assessment data for IEP goals and expectations

4.4. Communicate regularly to the classroom teacher