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Carnival Overview by Mind Map: Carnival Overview

1. Holding areas

1.1. Large space to accommodate large group of people

1.2. Multiple locations

1.2.1. to spread awareness to the whole of Singapore

1.2.2. so that people do not have to travel so far if they are interested to come would be more incentivised is the location is near to their house is is easily accessible

1.3. Loactions

1.3.1. Expo

1.3.2. Suntec Convention Centre

1.3.3. Punggol open field

1.4. Open to the public and anyone can come

1.4.1. but primarily only targets parents

1.4.2. Main aim is to educate parents

2. Activities

2.1. For parents

2.2. For preschoolers

2.2.1. as parents would not be able to leave their children alone while they attend the activities and workshops (such as the discussion panel)

2.3. Maze

2.3.1. for parents and preschoolers to do together

3. When?

3.1. Lasts 3 days

3.1.1. 5th October

3.1.2. 6th October

3.1.3. 7th October

3.2. Rationale

3.2.1. 5th October is Children's day Parents would be encouraged to bring their children(targeted preschoolers) to come to the carnival to have fun and bond together as a family Given that there are so many different fun activities they all can partake in such as bouncy castle and maze for the kids

3.2.2. 6th and 7th October is a weekend Just in case parents could not make it on the 5th October,they still have 2 more days and would not miss it Weekends are normally when the parents are not working as well and thus are free to come to this carnival with their children

4. Who would be present?

4.1. Mascots

4.1.1. Marvel characters Iron man in particular

4.1.2. Frozen characters

4.2. Experts invited

4.2.1. Dr Leong Hoe Nam Infectious disease specialist Practising at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital Singapore

5. Duration

5.1. Lasts 8 hours each day

5.1.1. Timetable for the 3 days would be shown at Figure 7B

6. Name of the Carnival

6.1. October Kids Fest