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MEU by Mind Map: MEU

1. Actions/Tasks

1.1. if have the capacity, experience, skills

1.1.1. translating (translate)

1.1.2. contextualizing (context)

1.1.3. presence (bepresent) represent number of viewers through counting tool (

1.1.4. sharing (makevisible) to distributed networks leads to more

1.1.5. Other experience understanding of local context legal advice filming advice

2. What

2.1. Connecting activists on the ground with others not present through specific tasks that can reinforce solidarity through narratives and information needs

2.1.1. repeated connection creates compassion

2.2. Types of incidents

2.2.1. Planned Neighborhood (other) tours facilitates Can use 360 cameras Protests

2.2.2. Non-planned Evictions Military/police incursions

2.3. Questions

2.3.1. What do people want to know about these events?

2.3.2. What connects these events to each other? (campaigns, etc)

2.4. Connecting incidents, questions, actions repeatedly

2.4.1. creates paths of multiple narratives/stories/perspectives

2.4.2. weaves together and amplifies the critical moments

3. Where

3.1. Rio de Janeiro

3.1.1. Vila Autódromo

3.1.2. Favela Penha

3.1.3. Favela da Skol

4. Objectives

4.1. Of livestreams

4.1.1. Safety

4.1.2. Capture abuses New form of documentation

4.1.3. Needs guidance to be effective (and safe)

4.2. Co-presence

4.2.1. To create solidarity (remotely)

4.2.2. To deter abuse

4.3. Learning/engagement

4.3.1. By doing Through participation On specific tasks/needs (task routing) On issues I care about

4.3.2. By observing leads to more understanding through context

4.3.3. By sharing leads to more people observing

5. Who

5.1. Other activists

5.1.1. want to take meaningful actions with each other solidarity network

5.2. Grassroots activists

5.2.1. lead what objectives should be

5.2.2. in the front lines of human rights issues

5.2.3. from