Endocrine Disorders

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Endocrine Disorders by Mind Map: Endocrine Disorders

1. Hypoparathyroidism

2. Pancreas

2.1. Emergencies

2.1.1. Hyperglycemia DKA Pathophysiology Treatment HONK Pathophysiology Treatment

2.1.2. Hypoglycemia Oral glucose IV dextrose IM glucagon

2.2. Disorders

2.2.1. Diet - Oral - Injectables - Insulin

2.2.2. Diabeties Type I ~5% of cases Autoimmune, incurrable Total beta cell destruction Insulin-dependent Type 2 Most common - 90% Not enough insulin or intolerant Lifestyle LADA 30-50 yo Antibodies like type 1 Slow destruction of beta cells 6 months - 6 years Insulin dependent MODY Rare Before 25 yo Genetic mutation Pancreas still secretes insulin Gestational 2-5% of pregnancies Macrosomia Neonatal Birth to 6 months 1 in 400,000 infants in US Temporary or Permenant Can affect fetal development

2.2.3. Pancreatitis

3. Adrenal

3.1. Emergencies

3.1.1. Adrenal Crisis Electrolyte disturbances Hyponatremia Hyperkalemia GI disturbances Fluids Zofran Solu-cortef

3.2. Disorders

3.2.1. Chronic adrenal insufficiency Addison's disease Secondary adrenal insufficiency

3.2.2. Acute adrenal insufficiency Abrupt discontinuation of steriods Stress, illness, trauma

3.2.3. Hyperadrenalism Cushing's Syndrome Moon face Central obesity Buffalo hump Striae Pheochromocytoma

4. Thyroid

4.1. Emergencies!

4.1.1. Myxedema Coma Bradycardia Atropine TCP Ionotropes

4.1.2. Thyroid Storm Hyperpyrexia Tylenol ASA Adrenergic hyperactivity Propranolol Corticosteroids GI dysfunction Aggressive hydration

4.2. Disorders

4.2.1. Hyperthyroid Grave's Disease Thyrotoxicosis

4.2.2. Hypothyroid Hashimoto's

4.3. Parathyroid

5. Pituitary

5.1. SIADH

5.1.1. too MUCH ADH anuria relative hyponatremia

5.1.2. NO FLUIDS!

5.2. DI

5.2.1. not enough ADH polyuria polydipsia

6. Thiamine

6.1. Required for glucose to enter Kreb's Cycle

6.1.1. Deficiencies Causes acidosis Could theoretically worsen Wernicke's Metabolism stops at pyruvate Caused by malnutrition Common in alcoholics

6.2. Given with glucose

6.2.1. Mostly in hospital/long term treatment

6.3. Found in typically diets