RHIT100-09D Study Cycle

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RHIT100-09D Study Cycle by Mind Map: RHIT100-09D Study Cycle

1. Preview

1.1. Read textbook and material

1.1.1. Do the prelab, prepare questions, look at questions, sometimes you cannot preview, only review. check moodle for material and work schedule,

1.2. Preview pre-posted notes

1.2.1. look at pre-posted homework

1.3. Watch YouTube videos about the subject

1.3.1. You can start by watching simple videos giving general information so you have some background before class and watch more in depth videos after your teacher's lecture.

1.4. Look ahead in the lesson plans

1.5. Stay ahead in homework

1.5.1. Come to class with questions about the material that can be answered in lecture.


2.1. Go to class everyday

2.1.1. Listen to learn

2.2. Bring materials

2.2.1. be prepared take notes be alert in class


3.1. review textbook & notebooks

3.1.1. especially for the parts or sections you don't remember or understand clearly

3.2. rewrite the homework, especially the points what you made mistakes on

3.2.1. write the key knowledge points of that question near that question to make sure you've already been familiar with that point

3.3. Do an informal quiz based on the materials need to be review

3.3.1. It would be better if you design the questions yourself:)

3.4. Draw a network graph about the key points you learned

3.4.1. As simple as possible

3.4.2. Try to connect all the old & new knowledge points

3.4.3. Deduce the formulas yourself (that's a great way to recite and understand formulas, especially for math and physics=))

3.5. go to the website about such course to see the relevant lectures (retake the class)

3.5.1. watch as much as possible until you fully understand the points which the section includes


4.1. focus in one place

4.2. find a way to keep your mind calm

4.3. find the best way to help your brain process information effeciently e.g. walking and listening to music, rapping, and etc. (Seriously, and doodle!)


5.1. take a practice test

5.2. Go to the learning center and retrieve old version of the test

5.3. teaching classmates the concept

6. - STUDY: odd-numbered practice problems so you can verify your answer when done - re-do hw, quiz, test problems, identify ones you still don't know how to do and get help from prof/tutoring - categorize which areas you struggle in so you know which problems to practice --aaaand don't fly away Katrina! help

7. eat a lot of food