Can-Am Indian Friendship Centre

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Can-Am Indian Friendship Centre by Mind Map: Can-Am Indian Friendship Centre

1. Visions and Goals

1.1. To enable FNMI to become self-sufficient, self-determining, and self-governing

2. Purposes

2.1. For children

2.1.1. Providing routes to obtaining status Mental Health Awareness Physical Health

2.2. For adults

2.2.1. Cultural and spiritual renewal Independence Employment and Training

2.3. Social counseling

2.3.1. Healing and Wellness

2.4. Community development

2.4.1. Educating the city of Windsor on the rights of people of all races

3. Programs

3.1. Aboriginal Alcohol and Drug Worker Program

3.2. Aboriginal Child and Youth Mental Health and Addictions Program

3.3. Aboriginal Community Mental Health Program

3.4. Aboriginal Healing and Wellness Program

3.5. Aboriginal Health Outreach Worker

3.6. Aboriginal Healthy Babies Healthy Children

3.7. Aboriginal Housing Advocate

3.8. AKWE: GO Program

3.9. Apatisiwin Program

3.10. Newsletters (Quarterly)

3.11. Information on obtaining Indian Status

3.12. Latiytehtaas Literacy Program

3.13. Life Long Care Program

3.14. Urban Aboriginal Healthy Living Program

3.15. Urban Aboriginal Healthy Living- Healthy Kids Program

3.16. Wasa-Nabin

4. Contact Information

4.1. 3905 Tecumseh Rd E, Windsor ON, N8W 1J4

4.2. 519-253-3243

4.3. [email protected]

4.4. 2929 Howard Avenue, Windsor ON, N8X 4W4

4.5. Monday-Friday at 9AM-5PM

4.6. website:

4.7. Facebook page

5. Additional Information

5.1. Established 1981

5.2. Funded by

5.2.1. The City of Windsor

5.2.2. Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, Aboriginal Healing and Wellness Strategy

5.2.3. Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centers

5.3. Fully Accessible Buildings (Parking, Washroom, Entrance)

6. Accessing Services

6.1. Intake Process and/or Registration may be required

6.2. Eligibility

6.2.1. Local Urban Aboriginal Native Community

6.2.2. Ontario residents 19 years and older with reading, writing and math skills below grade 12 Ontario Curriculum

6.3. NO FEES