DBS Bank Ltd

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DBS Bank Ltd by Mind Map: DBS Bank Ltd

1. Employees

1.1. Affected by business decisions that affect DBS's profitability

1.1.1. The more results you give DBS, the more incentives you get rewarded individually and for the company

1.2. Internal stakeholder

1.3. Active type of stakeholder

2. Regulators

2.1. Supervise, regulate and provide charters to DBS to ensure soundness of overall banking system

2.1.1. To create transparency between DBS and corporations they work with by protecting depositors, this way DBS will seem more trustworthy

2.2. External stakeholder

2.3. Aware type of stakeholder

3. Investors

3.1. Client: EFG International

3.2. Client: Julius Baer

3.3. Sponsorship: SEA Games

3.4. Business partner: National Gallery Singapore

3.5. Affects outcome of DBS's business outcomes

3.5.1. Investors are where DBS will get income to finance new bonds and shares, and they can expect returns with profits earned

3.6. External stakeholder

3.7. Active type of stakeholder

4. Directors

4.1. Promote goodwill and be prepared to be accountable for company actions

4.1.1. Directors can support DBS long-range vision and help give back to the community while building upon existing skills and knowledge

4.2. Independent Chairman: Peter Seah Lim Huat

4.3. Chief Executive Officer: Piyush Gupta

4.4. Internal stakeholder

4.5. Active type of stakeholder

5. Customers

5.1. Entitled to fair trading practices

5.1.1. Customers can experience convenience through ibanking, or the fact that ATMs are all around Singapore. When customers start to trust DBS, they might turn into investors, or spread good word about DBS through word-of-mouth.

5.2. External stakeholder

5.3. Aware type of stakeholder

6. Funders

6.1. Shareholders

6.1.1. Citibank Nominees Singapore: 19.99%

6.1.2. Maju Holdings: 18.05%

6.1.3. Temasek Holdings: 11.08%

6.2. Substantial power in how well an organisation can meet needs of clients and service users

6.2.1. DBS anticipates funders' needs and offer them better products, as well as having superior experience and expect superior and sustainable returns from DBS

6.3. Internal stakeholder

6.4. Aware type of stakeholder

7. Vendors

7.1. Engaging in direct economic transactions with DBS

7.1.1. Paying through a virtual credit card account even with no card payments which extends cash-flow up to 90 days, which allows DBS to process payments quicker and free them up for other areas of business

7.2. sgCarMart

7.3. Carro

7.4. External stakeholder

7.5. Aware type of stakeholder

8. Suppliers

8.1. Provide products and services for equitable business opportunities

8.1.1. Free up cash trapped with working capital solution benefits to all parties involved by leveraging relationships to inject liquidity, so supplier and distributors and buyers are involved, improving working capital and competitive interest rates

8.2. Dairy Farm Singapore

8.3. External stakeholder

8.4. Aware type of stakeholder