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7Ps by Mind Map: 7Ps

1. Product

1.1. Service Industry

1.1.1. Provide good quality digital marketing services to the clients

1.1.2. Provide real time customer service

1.1.3. Will change the services according to the customer's needs

2. Price

2.1. Reasonable price

2.1.1. There will be discounts if the clients offer to us more than 2 products

2.1.2. 50% advance payment before started,the balance amount need to be paid after we have finished to provide all services to our clients

3. Place

3.1. Always advertise by mainly using social media campaign(especially Fb)regarding with our services

4. Promotion

4.1. Give some amount of promotion depending upon the services that our clients use( creating discount coupon cards)

5. People

5.1. Assign one person from our team for customer service,assign one person to follow up the process to know our clients'needs

5.1.1. Train all of our team members to provide best customer service

6. Process

6.1. Assign the tasks to the respective members to handle(For e.g..who will make for SEO services,who will solve customer complaint of clients,...)

7. Physical Evidence

7.1. Firstly,try to persuade the clients who use our services and fulfill all of their needs.After that,we can let people know about us from word of mouth...

8. Tips: