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Microeconomics by Mind Map: Microeconomics
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This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

1. Costs & Revenues

Fixed and Variable Costs

the SRAC Curve

The Minimum Efficient Scale

External Economies and Diseconomies

Total, average and marginal revenue

2. Profit Maximisation

Maximising Profit

The role of Profit in an economy

Alternative goals

3. Perfect Competition

Perfect Competition

The Short Run

The Long Run

The benefits of competition

4. Efficiency, Consumer & Producer Surplus

Consumer and Producer Surplus

Allocative, Productive & X efficiency

Dynamic efficieny

Government Policy and dynamic efficiency

5. Concentrated Markets

Why do firms grow larger?

How do firms grow larger

6. Price Discrimination


Conditions necessary




7. Monopoly


Barriers to Entry

Monopoly + efficency

Costs + benefits of monopoly