Digital camera

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Digital camera by Mind Map: Digital camera

1. Technology

1.1. Sensor of different type of DC

1.2. Protection of lens kit

1.3. Control of DC

2. Function

2.1. Taking photo

2.2. video

2.3. Edit photos in DC

3. The change of communication

3.1. From words to image

3.2. The sharing space of photo in the internet

4. The art of photo

4.1. The technique of using DC

4.2. From film to digital

4.3. The effect with using DC

5. The parts of DG

5.1. Image data storage

5.2. image sensor

5.3. Batteries

5.4. tripod screw

5.5. lens with a variable diaphragm

6. Business of DC

6.1. Brands

6.1.1. Model of DC & lens

6.2. Production

6.3. Software of edit photo