Visual Storytelling Techniques

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Visual Storytelling Techniques by Mind Map: Visual Storytelling Techniques

1. Visual Storytelling

1.1. It is an art of communicating the message in a visual manner using highly interactive mediums like videos, illustrations, graphics, music, and photography.

2. Basic Rules of Visual Storytelling

2.1. Have a clear beginning, middle and end.

2.2. Don’t rely on words; instead, use images or graphics to communicate the message.

2.3. Make a lasting first impression.

2.4. Portray dynamic movement through videos and animations.

2.5. Be personal and genuine.

2.6. Relate to the audience.

2.7. Create suspense or conflict to make the story interesting.

2.8. Use effective visuals and images.

2.9. Hold their attention till the end.

2.10. Teach a valuable lesson through the story.

2.11. Remember the Hitchcock Rule.

2.11.1. The size of any object in your frame should be directly related to the importance of story at that instance.

3. Storytelling Tips for Business

3.1. Show things on an emotional level

3.2. Your story should revolve around your product

3.2.1. How To Begin Developing A Product Story

3.3. Present your story in a series

3.4. Manage your speed sequences

3.5. Ensure that your story has a conclusion

4. Storytelling Techniques for Presentations

4.1. Set a story structure at the beginning of the presentation.

4.1.1. It helps take the audience on a journey.

4.2. Make the structure in the form of a mountain.

4.2.1. It maps the essence of the story

4.3. Show information in the form of loops

4.4. Show comparison in the presentation

4.5. Begin the narrative with an exciting point

4.6. Converge the ideas

4.6.1. It shows the audience how different ideas come together at the end

4.7. Use a ‘False Start’ in the beginning

4.7.1. It disrupts the audience expectation and engages them as well.

4.8. Organize multiple stories around one concept

5. Powerful Examples of Visual Storytelling

5.1. Modcloth

5.1.1. The online store's brand of storytelling is aspirational advertisements that features the story of regular women (their target audience) through casual images on the slider of their homepage.

5.2. Patagonia

5.2.1. Patagonia brand is committed to environmental stewardship and their visual storytelling clearly supports their core ideology.

5.3. CERN's pop up book on the large hadron collider

5.3.1. The book tells the story of how the large hadron collider works with the help of 16 immersive pop-up images.

5.4. Twoodie

5.4.1. The brand is easily recognizable by their images, all of which are grey except the featured toy that tells a story of play.

5.5. Inkodye

5.5.1. The brand's storytelling can be seen through their Instagram feed where their users post their individual creations - an excellent way to engage with the audience.

6. What Makes Visual Storytelling Effective?

6.1. Visuals are more engaging and memorable

6.2. Human beings process the visual elements 6,000 times faster than reading words

6.3. The technique ensures that your message resonates with your audience

6.4. Visual storytelling captures and keeps your audience’s attention