Is your boss younger than you

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Is your boss younger than you by Mind Map: Is your boss younger than you

1. Younger Workers

1.1. Someone with a lot less experience

1.2. Need advice

1.3. Spend time proving themselves with older reports

1.4. Dealing with older workers

1.5. Overcome issues with an older employee

2. Older Workers

2.1. Assume younger manager don't understand the business

2.2. Reported their boss was younger than they were

2.3. Give advice to the younger manager

2.4. Don't make assumption on the knowledge level of your supervisor based on age

3. Companies

3.1. Use of the latest technology

3.2. Deploying their younger employee into management and leadership position

3.3. Hiring mangers who will be there for the long haul

4. Regardless of age

4.1. Everyone learns differently

4.2. Has own strength and weakness

4.3. Every manager need to set goals and hold employees accountable