Law of agency

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Law of agency by Mind Map: Law of agency

1. effects of contract made by agent

1.1. Named principal

1.1.1. may only sue the principal

1.2. undisclosed principal

1.2.1. may only sue the principal

1.3. disclosed principal

1.3.1. can sue both agent and principal

2. duties of agent towards principal

2.1. 1) obey the principal instruction

2.2. 2) in absence of instruction from the principal, to act accordingly to the custom

2.3. 3) to exercise care and diligence in carrying out his work

2.4. 4) to render proper account when required

3. formation of agency

3.1. a) by express

3.1.1. 1- by word 2- by writting

3.2. b) by ratification

3.2.1. 1- The act : exceeded/without authority 2- Must be legal act 3- The agent/the person must act as the agent

3.3. c) by necessity

3.3.1. 1) must be real and actual emergency 2) agent was entrusted with the principal’s property or goods 3) impossible for the agent to get the principal’s instruction

3.4. d) by estoppel

3.4.1. 1- principal does not inform or announce to the 3rd party that his agent has no authority 2- the principal himself induces the 3rd party to believes that a person has an authority to act for him

3.5. e) implied appointment

3.5.1. By conduct /circumstances Of situation

4. authority of agent

4.1. actual authority

4.1.1. authority expressly given by the principal orally or in writing

4.1.2. implied authority

4.2. apparent or ostensible


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