5 Steps for Effective Feedback

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5 Steps for Effective Feedback by Mind Map: 5 Steps for Effective Feedback

1. 1. Describe the Situation

1.1. What was the task?

1.2. What was the source of conflict or achievement?

1.3. What were the expectations?

2. 2. Describe the Behaviour

2.1. Objectively, what has occurred?

2.2. How has the team member behaved?

2.3. How did this match, exceed or miss what was expected?

3. 3. Describe the Consequences

3.1. What was the result of this event?

3.2. How did this match, exceed or miss what was expected?

4. 4. Assess the Event Subjectively

4.1. What are the outcomes from this event on your team member?

4.2. What are the outcomes for the wider team/company?

4.3. What are the onward actions following this event?

4.4. What are your subject reflections on the event (positive or negative)?

5. 5. Share Future Expectations

5.1. What can you and the team member learn from this event?

5.2. What do you expect in the future, following this event?

6. Feedback Checklist

6.1. Be immediate

6.1.1. Provide feedback regularly and immediately, positive or negative

6.2. Be prepared

6.2.1. Be prepared, to ensure your feedback is clear and considered

6.3. Be specific

6.3.1. Be specific, in order to encourage or discourage certain behaviours

6.4. Be empathetic

6.4.1. Even when providing negative feedback, be tough but never mean