Labour Law and Social Security - Unit III Diagram

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Labour Law and Social Security - Unit III Diagram by Mind Map: Labour Law and Social Security - Unit III Diagram

1. Obligations of the Mexican Employers

1.1. A. To pay their workers wages and indemnities in accordance with the rules in effect at the enterprise or establishment.

1.2. B. Provide implements, instruments, and materials necessary to carry out their work (good quality and good condition).

1.3. C. Provide secure area in work place in which instruments and implements belonging to the worker may be stored.

1.4. D. Treat workers with due consideration and abstain from ill treatment by word or dead.

1.5. E. Time to vote in popular elections and fulfill jury, electoral and census services.

1.6. F. Permit workers to leave work to carry out occasional or permanent assignments with their unions or with the government, (shall not be such as to prejudice the proper operation of the enterprise).

1.7. G. To inform the union named in the collective bargaining agreement, and the workers, of newly created positions and of any permanent or temporary vacancies to be filled.

1.8. H. To collaborate with labor and educational authorities, in accordance with laws and regulations, to promote worker literacy.

1.9. Scholarship

1.9.1. More than 100 and less than 1k workers (designed by workers - employer).

1.9.2. More than 1k he must furnish 3 scholarships.

1.9.3. Cancelled if student fails in the course of bad conduct is reported.

1.10. J. To post and distribute in the workplace provisions of regulations and instructions relating to safety and health.

1.11. K. To make deductions requested by unions for ordinary union dues.

1.12. L. Permit inspection and supervision by labor authorities in their establishments for the purpose of verifying compliance with labor rules.

1.13. M. To contribute to the promotion of cultural and sports activities for workers.

1.14. N. To provide pregnant women with such protection as may be established in the regulations.

2. Training

2.1. Timeframes

2.1.1. Periodic or permanent.

2.2. Assigned to...

2.2.1. Those carried out by company personnel, by technicians especially engaged for that purpose, by specialized schools or institutions.

2.3. Applicable to...

2.3.1. Applicable including one or more companies and one or more divisions or departments of a particular company.

3. Seniority Bonus

3.1. Given under one of these circumstances...

3.1.1. Employees who have voluntarily left their employment after having been employed for 15 years.

3.1.2. Employees who leave their employment for justifiable cause.

3.1.3. Employees who are discharged from their employment, regardless whether or not they are discharged or justifiable cause.

3.1.4. In the event of the death of an employee, regardless of his seniority, the seniority bonus will be paid to his heirs or beneficiaries.

4. Obligations of the Mexican Employees

4.1. To carry out his work under the direction of the employer or his representative.

4.2. To perform his work with appropriate intensity, care and attention and in the manner, time and place agreed upon.

4.3. To give immediate notice to his employer, except in cases of emergency or force majeure, of any justrified cause which may prevent him from going to work.

4.4. To return to the employer materials which have not been used, and preserve in good condition the instruments and implements which may have been given to him for his work.

4.5. To conduct himself correctly at the workplace.

4.6. To provide assistance at any time required, when a major accident or imminent peril endangers human life or the interests of the employer or his fellow workers.

4.7. To submit to medical examinations prescribed in the internal rules and other rules effective within the enterprise or establishment.

4.8. To inform the employer of any infectious illnesses from which he may suffer.

4.9. To scrupulously maintain technical, commercial and manufacturing secrets whose disclosure could damage the enterprise.