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constructivism by Mind Map: constructivism

1. Definition

1.1. A method for research which emphasizes a subjective relationship between the construction of meaning, the researcher and participant. The researcher is a part of the research process their participation must be acknowledged as an unavoidable part of the research outcome (Jane Mills, Ann Bonner, Karen Francis, 2006)

2. To Construct and make meaning from data and make use of the participants experiences into interpretations (Jane Mills, Ann Bonner, Karen Francis, 2006).

3. The researcher constructs their own theory through the interpretation of the participants experiences (Jane Mills, Ann Bonner, Karen Francis, 2006)

4. Keep the researcher close to the participants by maintaining the participation throughout the research process and communicate how the participants construct their world (Jane Mills, Ann Bonner, Karen Francis, 2006)

5. Children will do best by finding and looking for specific knowledge they need ("fishing") for themselves (Papert S. , 1993).

6. The knowledge children most need is the knowledge that will help them get more knowledge (Papert S. , 1993).