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Microorganisms by Mind Map: Microorganisms

1. Pathogens

1.1. Pathogens are microorganisms with the potential to cause diseases. The most common are the ones in green below

1.2. Virus

1.2.1. There are 7 types of viruses, they can be divided into 3 categories: DNA, RNA and rotavirus

1.2.2. Covid The COVID-19 is an RNA virus. It enters by the respiratory tract.

1.2.3. Vacines Vaccines are made by injecting a part of the virus, its genetic material or even the most characteristic protein it contains.

1.2.4. Ex.: Cold, Chickenpox, Flu, etc.

1.3. Bacteria

1.3.1. Some bacteria are good for us, some ones can be very bad.

1.3.2. There are around 100 Million bacterial cells living in our body!

1.3.3. Ex.: Bubonic plague, Tuberculosis, etc.

1.4. Fungi

1.4.1. Fungi, usually invade the skin and can spread to the tissues bones and organs.

1.4.2. They can also enter out body true skin rashes and urogenital, gastrointestinal and respiratory tract

1.4.3. Ex.: Ringworm, athletes foot, etc.