Coming Of Age

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Coming Of Age by Mind Map: Coming Of Age

1. Sexual Maturity

1.1. Maestro

1.1.1. Paul and Rosie Jamal and Latika

1.1.2. Paul and Megan

1.2. Slumdog Millionaire

1.2.1. Salim and Latika

2. Past Influences on Development

2.1. Deaths

2.1.1. Slumdog Millionaire the Mother Jamal and Salim's mother died after being attacked and drowning during the 'Bombay Riots'. Maman Salim shot and Killed Marman while rescuing Latika.

2.1.2. Maestro Keller In late 1977 Keller died of old age at the Darwin Hospital.

2.2. Regret/Guilt

2.2.1. Slumdog Millionaire Salim He regretted cutting Latika's cheek. Jamal Jamal felt guilty for having left Latika at the orphanage.

2.2.2. Maestro Paul Not listening to Keller when he was telling paul about his past. Not doing more when he was younger. Paul did not regret going overseas.

3. Personality Change

3.1. Slumdog Millionaire

3.1.1. Jamal

3.1.2. Salim Jamal: "I will never forgive you!" Salim: "I know." "For what I have done, please forgive me."

3.1.3. Latika Jamal: "I love you." Latika: "So what? It's too late Jamal."

3.2. Maestro

3.2.1. Paul Paul began to care more about others Keller Paul matured into manhood "Every fish has its depth The moment we begin to sense our childhoods, we are no longer children"