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Conclusion on Moments Ethan Woo(31) 1Elijah by Mind Map: Conclusion on Moments
Ethan Woo(31)
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Conclusion on Moments Ethan Woo(31) 1Elijah

What are moments:

A turning effect produced by a force at a distance on an object

Centre of gravity

The centre of mass in an object

You can say that all of the object is in its centre of gravity.

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When an object is resting on its centre of gravity, It will be in stable equilibrium.

If the centre of gravity is moving constantly, the object will be in neutral equilibrium.

When an object needs an external force to shift it back to its original position, it is in unstable equilibrium.

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Anticlockwise and Clockwise moments are balanced when the forces working on them are equal.

SI unit is Newton-metre

Moments=force x perpendicular distance