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<3 Game Development by Mind Map: <3 Game Development

1. Game Ideas

1.1. Ideas to Focus On First

1.2. Medieval Japanese MMO

1.3. Sci-Fi Hack and Slash RPG

1.4. Every Day Car Racing

1.5. Hero Battle Arena

1.6. Survival Game

1.7. FPS

1.8. Dark Fantasy Horror

1.9. Hearthstone esq Card Game

1.10. Tactical RPG

1.11. Real Time Strategy

1.12. Three Dragon Ante Card game for Mobile, PC, and Console

1.13. Cactus Plat-former for Joe

2. Positions Needed

2.1. Lawyer

2.1.1. Billy Duncan

2.2. Talent Recruiter

2.2.1. Tatiana Morris

2.3. Marketing Director

2.3.1. Jon Fine

2.4. Creative Director / Lead Designer - Cody Duncan

2.4.1. Art Director - Cody Duncan Lead Artist - Dont have Concept Artist Storyboard Artist Environmental Artist 2D/3D Modeler Texture Artist Visual Effects Artist UI / HUD Artist Animator Technical Artist / Rigger

2.4.2. Sound Composer Sound Designer Voice Actor

2.4.3. Technical Director Benjamin Jumche Lead Progammer Tools Programmer UI Programmer Character Programmer General Progammer

2.4.4. Design Lead Designer - Cody Duncan Scripter Systems Designer Level Designer Game Designer Combat Designer

2.4.5. Quality Assurance Tester

2.4.6. Writer - Cody Duncan Storyboard Writer Dialogue Writer Credit Writer Blog Manager Website Writer

2.5. Licensor

2.6. Management

2.6.1. Product Manager

2.6.2. Brand Manager

2.6.3. Quality Assurance Manager

2.6.4. Public Relations Manager

2.6.5. Website Manager

2.7. Producer

2.7.1. Associate Producer

2.7.2. Daniel Amado

2.8. Publisher

2.8.1. Daniel Amado

3. Game Genres

3.1. Action

3.1.1. Action-Adventure Prince of Persia Tomb Raider

3.1.2. Action Arcade Dig Dug Diner Dash

3.1.3. Platformer Mario

3.1.4. Stealth Metal Gear Thief

3.1.5. Fighting Mortal Kombat Street Fighter

3.1.6. Beat 'em Up Double Dragon Castle Crashers

3.2. Shooter

3.2.1. First Person Shooter Halo Call of Duty

3.2.2. Shoot 'em Up Contra Space Invadors

3.2.3. Third Person Shooter Star Wars Battlefront Grand Theft Auto

3.3. Adventure

3.3.1. Graphical Adventure Myst Monkey Island

3.3.2. Role Playing Game Knights of the Old Republic Mass Effect Dragon Age

3.3.3. MMORPG World of Warcraft DC Universe Neverwinter

3.3.4. Survival / Horror Resident Evil Silent Hill

3.4. Construction / Management

3.4.1. Sim City

3.4.2. Zoo Tycoon

3.5. Life Simulation

3.5.1. The Sims

3.6. Music / Rhythm

3.6.1. Guitar Hero

3.6.2. Rock Band

3.6.3. Simon

3.7. Party

3.7.1. Mario Party

3.8. Puzzle

3.8.1. Tetris

3.9. Sports

3.10. Strategy

3.10.1. Real Time Strategy Starcraft Age of Empires Total Annihilation

3.10.2. Turn Based / Tactical X-Com

3.10.3. Tower Defense Plants vs Zombies Dungeon Defenders

3.11. Vehicle Simulation

3.11.1. Driving Gran Turismo Forza

3.11.2. Flying Flight Simulator StarFox X-Wing / Tie Fighter

4. Focus and Mission

4.1. Gameplay is the focus of the development

4.2. The Game should be fun, even without fancy artwork or bells and whistles.

4.3. If we can make something people want to actually play, we have done our job.

4.4. Function follows form and if the base game is fun, the rest will follow suit.

4.5. If we build a company that is passionate about games and the gaming community, then then community will be passionate about our company.