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Renewable Energy by Mind Map: Renewable Energy

1. Energy from a source that is not depleted when used, such as wind or solar power.

2. Energy sources could hold the key to combating climate change.

3. What is?

4. Benefits

4.1. It can combat climate change, becouse it creates not direct greenhouse gas emissions the only emissions that they produce are inderect meaning.

4.2. Can decrease pollution and therefore reduce threats to our health wind solar or hydroelectric systems.

5. Conclusion

5.1. Renewable energy is a very useful method to draw energy, from the environment without damaging it and if it benefits it as it does not pollute or affect any living being.

6. Types

6.1. Hydraulics: It is produced by the fall of water. Hydroelectric dams use water held in dams or reservoirs at high altitudes.

6.2. eolics: it is produced by the air with a wind turbine.

6.3. Solar: in this form the sun suply in form of electromagnetic radiation.

6.4. Geothermal energy: It is stored under the earth's surface in the form of calories and ligaments to thermal waters, fumaroles and geysers. Therefore, it is the one that comes from inside the Earth.

6.5. Wave energy: It is the movement of the tides and the marine currents.