AXI 2018 Website re-launch

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AXI 2018 Website re-launch by Mind Map: AXI 2018 Website re-launch

1. Objectives

1.1. Contemporary design reflecting DDGT offering

2. Design

2.1. Inspirations

3. Sections

3.1. What we do

3.1.1. Data Strategy

3.1.2. Machine learning

3.1.3. Data analytics

3.2. How we help

3.2.1. By role How we help by role - Agilexi

3.2.2. By industry How we help by industry - Agilexi

3.3. Customer stories

3.3.1. Oil & Gas

3.3.2. Consumer Goods

3.3.3. Manufacturing

3.3.4. Travel & Leisure

3.4. Blog

3.5. Company

3.5.1. Contact

3.5.2. Partners

3.5.3. About us

3.5.4. Careers

4. misc

4.1. inspiration

4.1.1. same style of effects i.e. 'Talk to Us', Menu, etc Same style means inspiration-wise. It should be sufficiently different as so not to be a straight lift but not so different in that we have to consider a new design concept

4.1.2. Agilexi site

4.2. Content

4.2.1. Use exactly the same content as peak for dev placeholder purposes. We will provide or update content in a seperate pass

4.3. Pages to be used

4.3.1. Home

4.3.2. Find out more

4.3.3. How we help By Role By industry

4.3.4. Solutions AI as service Google connector for SAP

4.3.5. Blog As per previous Agilexi WP blog design (pls share beforehand)

4.4. Content

4.4.1. Tableau Embed Tableau download page Amend Try now to Tableau download

4.4.2. Map key Tableau content to AXI messaging AXI messaging By Industry By Role Tableau content Webinar Ebook Datasheet Case study Analyst reports?

4.4.3. Training