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Act 1 by Mind Map: Act 1

1. Scene 1

1.1. Bolingbroke accuses Mowbray of being involved with the Duke of Goucester's death


1.2.1. Family Revenge "Ah, Gaunt, his blood was mine" Betrayal "That he did plot the Duke of Gloucester's death [...] like a traitor coward?" Bias "Mowbray, impartial are out eyes and ears [...] [H] is our subject" Politics & royalty override family Complex and expansive relationship

1.2.2. Honour & Appearance Thomas Mowbraw "I take it up and by that sword I swear [...] or chivalrous design of knightly trial" "Mine honour is my life [...] Take honour from me and my life is done" "My life thou shalt command, but not my shame" Richard II "Mowbray, impartial are our eyes and ears" Henry Bolingbroke "What my tongue speaks my right drawn sword may prove" "With a foul traitor's name stuff I thy throat

1.2.3. Kingship "Wrath-kindled gentlemen, be ruled by me" Uses his title instead of respect in attempt to resolve "Myself I throw dread sovereign at my foot" M. - respectful (a bit too much) of king People still respect Richard as king

2. Scene 2

2.1. Duchess of G. demands revenge for the death of her husband


3. Scene 3

3.1. Mowbray and Bolingbroke prepare to duel. Richard interrupts and banishes both.


3.2.1. Language Richard II "And for we think the eagle-winged pride, Of spy-aspiring and ambitious thoughts" "And for our eyes do hate the dire aspect, of civil wounds plough'd up with neighbours' sword" "Six years we banish him and [Bolingbroke] shall go" Bolingbroke "Thomas Mowbray [...] he's a traitor foul and dangerous" "Your will be done. This must my comfort be: That sun that warms you here shall shine on me" Mowbray "What is thy sentence then but a speechless death"

3.2.2. Family "We will descend and fold in our arms. Cousin of Hereford, as thy cause is right, so be thy fortuene in this royal fight! Embraces his cousin before the fight, wishes luck in his cause and tells him that if he dies he will grieve, but no take revenge Richard is bias because of his familial ties with Henry - wants Henry to live "O thou, the earthly author of my blood, whose useful spirit, in me regenerate, doth with a twofold vigour lift me up" Richard is put down for their failure to live up to their father's reputations

3.2.3. Kingship "Hath from the number of his banished years, plucked four away" Manipulated by family Lack of commitment to his decision Corrupt "Norfolk for thee remains a heavier doom" Favouritism to family Nepotism NEGATIVE TRAITS FOR A KING Easily manipulated Indecisive Takes advantage of power rather than his subjects having respect Wants attention Stops duel to bring attention back to him "Fluffy commands" - sound eloquent, no power Bolingbroke and Mowbray show their competence as leader by upholding their words and trying to go through with their duel

4. Scene 4

4.1. Themes

4.1.1. Kingship Richard II “As were our England in reversion* his, And he our subjects’ next degree in hope.” “With humble and familiar courtesy, what reverence he did throw away on slaves” “Now put it, God [...] To help [Gaunt] to his grave immediately. The lining of his coffers shall make coats to deck our soldiers for these Irish wars.”

4.2. Gaunt hears that Bolingbroke has left and that Gaunt is sick