Grosvenor House remodelling project

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Grosvenor House remodelling project by Mind Map: Grosvenor House remodelling project

1. Garden patio area

1.1. Summary: patio same height as lawn, power and water, run of worktop to support BBQ / pizza oven and some storage

1.2. Outdor kitchen with natural stone worktop (quartz as per kitchen??):

1.2.1. Power and water connections at point of outdoor kitchen above

1.2.2. Armoured cable and MDPE pipe

1.3. Stone style seats and worktops?:

1.4. Patio tiles ideas (pebble type)

1.4.1. Patio level to lawn area

1.5. Curved stone seating and possible steps down into patio area, areas recessed for soil/planting

1.6. LED lighting kits: 10 Light LED Kit - IP65 - White

2. Kitchen

2.1. Summary: new kitchen fitted, new flooring and extention plus patio area outside

2.2. Kitchen design

2.2.1. Island Concealed sink, power sockets, flying breakfast bar:

2.2.2. Appliances Rangemaster Elise 100 to allow returns of worktop and side storage: Extract hidden within chimney breast (extract to vent through utility roof space to roof mushroom) LG Fridge Freezer requires water supply to rear for ice machine

2.2.3. Worktops Existing Iroko worktops to be retained and re-purposed

2.2.4. Larder / Pantry cupboard supplied by Stonehouse Bespoke. NB power tail to rear of wall Quartz (honey) Corner cupboard, semi walk in, wooden shelves and drawers. Storage on doors for jars etc, inner doors with storage or turntables? May purchase pre-built unit Sample 1: Sample 2: Sample 3: Sample 4: Bosch HBC84H501B Built-in 44L Combination Microwave Oven Stainless Steel:

2.3. Room

2.3.1. Underfloor heating for tiles: wet system

2.4. Lighting

2.4.1. Above island for pendant lights (noggins?)

2.5. AV

2.5.1. Use existing lounge TV and find replacement for lounge, perhaps Samsung UE49MU7000 Concealed cables Freesat cable feed to TV

2.6. Power sockets

2.6.1. Cupboard with multiple USB rechargering plus laptops to either side of chimney breast

2.7. General notes

2.7.1. Floor level between kitchen extension and outside patio area to be the same

2.7.2. Joist vents to be reduced / concealed to side,

2.7.3. Rain water run off to be tidy as possible to drain (pea gravel against wall with drainage beneath?)

2.7.4. Rockwool insulation and drainage from ensuite to be addressed before ceiling boarded

3. Outbuilding

3.1. Summary: new building on old concrete pad, third party supplied, to be erected and two bays enclosed, power and water, suggest bredon sand render as front driveway retaining wall

3.2. Green Oak 3 bays (2 bays enclosed):

3.3. As close to boundary as feasible allowing 50cm access?

3.4. Existing power supply to be replaced by new armoured cable (draw expected to be low 2-3000 watts max 6mm2 or 10mm2 to be sure??) short run of around 6 metres to consumer unit. 2 x external sockets, 3 x 2 gang internal metal clad sockets, 4 x internal LED batten lights (shrouded IP65). Plan supplied to Scott by email 01 06 19.

3.5. Water supply to outbuilding, water tap external.

4. Kitchen patio area

4.1. Summary: excavate to existing wall line, new splayed steps with lights, same floor height as inside area, drainage and air vents concealed

4.2. Lighting

4.2.1. To wall and outside of kitchen plus outside of dining room

4.3. Drainage

4.3.1. Close to wall with drainage and pea gravel level with patio

4.4. Irrigation

4.4.1. System to feed pots and plants

4.5. Completed

4.5.1. LED lighting kit 10 Light LED Kit - IP65 - White

4.5.2. 55m2 for tiles (exterior including steps to garden)

4.5.3. Drainage leads from neighbours house - connect drain to solve current flooding issue (blocked 4" drain?)

4.5.4. Tiling Tiling: Piccadily from til trader as utility notes

5. Utility

5.1. Summary: new tiled floor, seal old rear aspect doorway and create new entry to kitchen, new bathroom, renew front aspect small window, refurb existing sash windows.

5.2. Bathroom

5.2.1. Render 1 Render 2 | Plan

5.2.2. Lighting: central light purchased and at Work

5.2.3. Retain existing extractor fan

5.2.4. Grey tiles purchased from Tile Trader, all walls tiled to ceiling height

5.2.5. Replace existing microbore heating pipes with 15mm, new radiator, new towell radiator

5.2.6. Bathroom toilet, basin and cabinet purcahsed and at work

5.2.7. Shower enclosure 1500 x 900mm low profile tray, sliding 8mm glass door

5.3. Heating system

5.3.1. Boiler and tank located in loft space 300L+ unvented tank Loft space will require decking Place above stud wall to bathroom Tank willneed horizontal mounting

5.3.2. See notes below on 22mm input to mains water from 32mm mains feed... Utility heating through wet plinth heating (smiths) existing in garage SS12 Reroute MDPE pipe to tank

5.3.3. Zone system Zone to all upstairs through addition of valve on vertical 22mm pipe running from cellar through into hallway Zone for cellar area with circuit controlling underfloor wet system

5.4. Flooring to utility / kitchen / outside patio

5.4.1. Tileflair Merle 600 x 600 inside and outside

5.4.2. Flooring calcs: Kitchen 37.5m2 / Utility 21m2 / Kitchen patio 60m2 [cellar 36m2]

5.5. Window to front to be replaced: sash windows to be retained but refurbished so they work (Mark Creasey?? 07870-397837)

5.6. New Washing machine ordered; delivery 17/06/19

5.6.1. AEG L6FBG142R Freestanding Washing Machine, 10kg load, A+++ John Lewis £469.00 2 yr guarantee:

6. Dining room

6.1. Summary: new bi-fold doors replace existing window, new glass roof outside, tidying of existing foul and rainwater goods

6.2. Bi-fold doors to replace existing window

6.3. Pitched glass roof to area outside of dining room:

6.4. 2 x power sockets to area immeditely outside

6.4.1. Solid wall to be rendered

6.5. Existing soil pipe to be enclosed / shrouded / concealed, downpipes to be tidied / concealed to area behind / adjacent to existing soil pipe

6.5.1. Flapper valve to head of existing soil pipe to remove extended vent to roof apex (currently ugly)

6.6. Freesat cable to TV point

7. Cellar room

7.1. Summary: dry line post tanking and make habitable, small kitchenette in first room, tiled floor, new windows, small WC in smallest room, new radiators.

7.2. Tanking by third party

7.2.1. Insulation below floor (compromise with head height requirements)

7.3. Wooden engineered flooring: undefloor heating compliant: Kronoswiss Grand Selection Origin Sunset D4493 CM 14mm AC5 Laminate Flooring £21m2

7.4. Replace existing windows and replace with aluminium double glazed units

7.5. existing steps retained and vertical face to be tiled; metal stainless handrail to be added

7.6. Roof space to be insulated before enclosing

7.7. New heating required - plinth heaters x 2 to save space?

7.8. Power and speakers to front wall (conduit for speaker cable through ceiling space)

7.9. Freesat and cat 6 feed to tv point from front of house (2 existing feeds present to freesat box)

8. Other

8.1. Top bedroom (Hugo's old room)

8.1.1. Existing wooden window to be replaced

8.1.2. Check existing sill (may require replacing)

8.2. Render to rear of house

8.2.1. Replace and co-ordinate with Neighbours on colour and type if possible

8.3. Mains water feed to house

8.3.1. Current 15mm at entry point and leads into Lead pipe. This lead pipe to be made redundant, pressure reducing valve to be maintained, 22mm input to system to be identified, elbows to be avoided if possible and bends used for good water flow.

8.4. Sitting room mullion windows - aluminium units to replace existing

8.4.1. Review costs to do same with master bedroom and top bedroom mullions

8.5. New sockets in Sitting room

8.5.1. Double socket behind smaller sofa

8.5.2. Double socket x 2 behind larger sofa (near each table)

9. Driveway / outside areas

9.1. Summary: new driveway surface, drive alongside house to be resurfaced, planters at front of house, new parking space and close boarded fence when existing garden removed (extend fenceline in-line with existing gates.

9.2. Existing area to right of double gates to rear garden to be levelled off and new parking space created

9.3. Driveway to be resurfaced with blacktop

9.4. Area between house and outbuilding to be resurfaced (modular paving? / blacktop? / resin?)

9.5. Planters outside of utility door / hallway?

9.6. Moongate in garden separating first from second lawn plus dwarf wall? Climber?