Josh's Mindset

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Josh's Mindset by Mind Map: Josh's Mindset

1. Vision

1.1. Love

1.2. Build

1.3. Grow

1.4. Fix

1.5. Make Better

2. Mission

2.1. Love Myself, Others and The Planet

2.1.1. Health Physical Spiritual Mental Environmental

2.1.2. Relationships Love Life Family Friends Collegues

2.2. Build People and Businesses

2.2.1. Ideation

2.2.2. Knowledge

2.2.3. Execution

2.3. Grow my Intellect and Emotional Intelligence and do so for others when given the opportunity

2.4. Fix the things that lack love and understanding

2.5. Make the world better

2.6. Dream Big - Dream as big as possible and empower others to change their world for the better. Have a massive voice. Act despite fear.