Millie vs. Boomer

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Millie vs. Boomer by Mind Map: Millie vs. Boomer

1. Millie: Comes back to store if the sneakers she posts on instagram get a lot of likes, she writes reviews on yelp of the store(Phillip T.)

2. Boomer: Uses word of mouth or they'll get advise from their doctors or other trusted advisers on what type of sneaker they want to get. They will also look for reviews through print. CW

3. Millie: Gives reviews via yelp or social media. SG

4. Boomer: Focused on the Product (MK)



6.1. Millie: Digitally connected through text and social network connections; i.e. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. (MK)

6.2. Boomer: Personal connections and relationships (MK)

6.3. Millie: Use social media and other technologies such as the desired stores website to find the perfect sneaker for them. CW

6.4. Millie: Uses digital media to search items, including website, instagram and facebook. (ASinatore)

6.5. Boomer: in store browsing, friend or co worker recommendation, catalog, or website. (ASinatore)

6.6. Boomer: Sees the sneakers in Women's running magazine(PhillipT.)

6.7. Millie: Sees the sneakers in a Facebook Advertisment(PhillipT.)

6.8. Millie: Receives a promo through their email that showcases a newly released sneaker by a brand they have purchased from before (S.Whitacre)

6.9. Boomer: Asks a friend where their sneakers are from (S. Whitacre)


7.1. Millies: they will use social media again to see what different reviews there are on the shoe and will ask for opinions through websites such as facebook, twitter or instagram to get followers opinions. Lastly they will use reviews on the brands websites to help make final decisions. They will then use review sites such as yelp or these other social media accounts to give others their review of the sneaker. CW

7.2. Boomers: they will mainly tell others by word of mouth and will call customer service or write into the company via mail or email to compliment the service/ product. CW

7.3. Millie: Customer reviews online are a large part of the information gathering, in addition social media comments, posts and product reviews from bloggers or social media influencer. (ASinatore)

7.4. Boomer: In store evaluation of product, talk to friends or family about a product they may have purchased, some with check website reviews. (ASinatore)

7.5. Boomer: Calls up friends and grandsons to ask them if they are familiar with the sneakers and how they can look up where to look at them where they are sold in store to evaluate with a sales associate if they are a good value(Phillip T.)

7.6. Millie: Looks up hashtag #SwooshSneakers which is the name of the new shoes to see if her favorite influencers are wearing the shoe. She than looks up what people had to say on amazon reviews for the sneakers (Phillip T.)

7.7. Millie: Reads customer reviews, uses social media to gain perspective on the product or voice concerns. Reaches out to companies via twitter or facebook for product information or to contact customer service. (S. Whitacre)

7.8. Boomer: Evaluates the sneakers in store or reviews with a friend who owns them. Uses customer service to contact the retailer to ask questions (S. Whitacre)


8.1. Millie: Retailers send coupon through app to accelerate path to purchase (MK)

8.2. Boomer: An offer, via mail, may be sent if sneakers were looked at online (MK)

8.3. Millies: This customer will either come into the store or they will purchase online through the website or their the brands app. They receive a coupon via email or through the app which starts the buying process. CW

8.4. Boomers: Customer will receive a coupon either via mail or through an email, and will continue to come to the store with the particular sneaker in mind, but they want to have help deciding on the sneaker, and are looking for help in the store. They will order online, but would rather order whe in the store through order process or they will ask for the sales associate to look for a sneaker similar to the one that they want. CW

8.5. Millie: Make purchase on mobile device, store app or website, use discount codes offered on website, mobile app, or via text. (ASinatore)

8.6. Boomer: Make in-store purchase, coupons from newspaper, or mailed to customer coupons, some will order via website. (ASinatore)

8.7. Boomer: Goes into the store with a price in mind and does not want to spend more than what they would determine a good value, she thinks about the cost per wear and whether the sneakers will last awhile (Phillip T.)

8.8. Millie: She goes into the store with some money that her friends sent her on Venmo , she doesnt have a spending limit if she cant afford it she will put it on her credit card, she doesnt carry cash (Phillip T.)

8.9. Millie: Completes the purchase via mobile, computer or in store. Looks for discount codes to snag the best deal. Uses cashless/mobile purchasing such as Apple Pay in store. (S. Whitacre)

8.10. Boomer: Shops in store. Brings print coupons or a catalog to aid in the purchase (S. Whitacre)


9.1. Millies: Do not typically need help when visiting stores. They are focused on the product that they are looking for and have already done most of the research, so they have the product in mind. CW

9.2. Boomers: Need to have a personalized connection with the store staff and want to have opinions and fuller knowledge of the product that they are buying. Is it good for running, walking, zumba, kickboxing...? They want to have that experience and felt like they are being taken care of in store. They want to also be offered get deals and sales in store, so they can come back for more or get more items. CW

9.3. Millie: enjoy a one-touch mobile app purchase, possibly with apple pay and apps that find the best price. (ASinatore)

9.4. Boomer: like to understand what they are purchasing, possibly talking to a customer service person to assist them in the purchase. (ASinatore)

9.5. Boomer: Talks over the phone to call the store to see that they have the sneakers asks them to hold the sneakers and that they will be coming in. Brings in magazine cutout of picture of sneakers and asks sales associate questions (Phillip T.)

9.6. Millie: Snaps her drive to the store with the comment: "Off to buy some dope new kicks" Brings her friend with her to look at the new sneakers, she snaps some Instagram photos in the dressing room and facetimes her friends to see if they like the sneakers (Phillip T.)

9.7. Millie: Seamlessly browsed the sneakers on multiple devices, received a follow up email to remind them to purchase and to make a review after purchase. Used a mobile coupon to receive a discount and a gift with purchase (S. Whitacre)

9.8. Boomer: Purchased in store with a friend, personally connected with the store associates. They helped find the correct sneaker and answered questions while also encouraging health-beneficial socks to purchase with the sneakers. (S. Whitacre)

10. 5. LOYALTY

10.1. Millies: Use rewards programs such as payless rewards, DSW VIP, or another type of rewards in order to receive coupons and other promotions which will keep them coming back to store. CW

10.2. Boomers: They are loyla by coming back to the store and again by spreading the word to friends and family about the service in stores and bring in new business that way. CW

10.3. Millie: Use mobile app or website loyalty programs. (ASinatore)

10.4. Boomer: Likes sales and good product quality that lasts. (ASinatore)

10.5. Boomer: values a family owned business and good customer service (Phillip T.)

10.6. Millie: Received points with their purchase to be used after accumulating enough. They'll continue to shop with this retailer so they can get enough points for free items. Left a review on the sneakers and shared a picture of them on Instagram

11. Millie: through technology. SG

12. Boomer: through mail. SG

13. Boomer: Gives reviews directly to manager or emails the company. SG

14. Millie: Loyalty is through reward programs. SG

15. Boomer: Loyalty is through stores being consistent with their offerings. SG

16. Millie: Job hoppers, Great experience with technology. SG

17. Boomer: Believes in working your way up / Novice with technology and can't keep up with the new times. SG

18. Millie: increasing the percentage of retail customers. SG

19. Boomer: Less is more. SG

20. Millie: Wants a personalized shopping experience; Retailers utilize tools such as IoT (MK)

21. Millies- views on social media -LD

22. Millie: will research online and be influenced by social media and reviews LD

23. Boomer: Visit physical location, review catalog or sales flyer before going to store to make purchase LD

24. Millie: Customer will look across all channels for best pricing and purchase online or via mobile app LD

25. Boomer: Will visit the physical location to try on and purchase at store. LD

26. Millie: Enjoys convenience of technology, instant purchase and very convenient. Ability search across internet to secure best sale price LD

27. Boomer: Prefers an instore experience, a sales person to cater to their needs and answer any questions regarding footwear LD

28. Boomer: Most likely to return and share their experience with others through word of mouth or possibly a survey LD

29. Millies: signed up for customer loyalty programs and recieves coupons and sneak peeks at new merchandise. LD