Application Software

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Application Software by Mind Map: Application Software

1. Graphics and Multimedia Software

1.1. Computer‐aided design (CAD) software

1.2. Desktop publishing software

1.3. Paint/Image editing software

1.4. Professional photo editing software

1.5. Multimedia authoring software

2. Software for Home, Personal, and Educational Use

2.1. Personal finance software

2.2. Legal software

2.3. Tax preparation software

2.4. Personal DTP software

2.5. Personal photo editing software

3. Web Applications

3.1. Web Browser

3.2. E‐Mail

3.3. Blogging

3.4. Newsgroup/Message Board

3.5. FTP

4. Objectives Overview

4.1. Identify the four categories of application software

4.2. Differentiate among the seven forms through which software is available

4.3. Explain how the operating system and utility programs work with application software

4.4. Describe characteristics of a user interface

5. Application Software

5.1. To make business activities more efficient

5.2. To assist with graphics and multimedia projects

5.3. To support home, personal, and educational tasks

5.4. To facilitate communications

6. Business Software

6.1. Word Processing

6.2. Spreadsheet

6.3. Database

6.4. Presentation

6.5. Accounting