Outcome Measures Crash Course

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Outcome Measures Crash Course by Mind Map: Outcome Measures Crash Course

1. An Aside About a Culture of Risk Taking and Improvement

1.1. feedforward

1.2. feedback

2. Outcomes Measurement Process/Types of Measurement

2.1. Needs Assessment

2.2. Outputs

2.3. Outcomes

2.4. Patron Satisfaction

3. example

3.1. Output - how many people attended a knife skills class

3.2. Outcome - whether participants felt more confident to change the way they prepare food or to share their knowledge

3.2.1. how did we impact their lives?

4. A stakeholder is defined as a person who has an interest or concern in something, especially a business.

5. Who Are We Communicating Our Impact To?

5.1. Thoughts?

6. What Will You Learn Today?

6.1. Common Vocabulary

6.2. Importance of Outcome Measures

6.3. Overview of Project Outcome

6.4. Resources

6.5. Networking

6.6. Next Steps

7. Why Are You Here?

7.1. Staff Led Initiative to Kick Start the Transition to Meaningful Measures

7.1.1. To Tell the Library's Story

7.1.2. Communicate Impact

7.1.3. Data Driven Decision Making

7.2. Hoping YOU Will Become the Experts

7.2.1. Answer Questions

7.2.2. Guide Staff

7.2.3. Promote the Message

8. Detour: Common Vocabulary

9. What is Project Outcome?

10. What Does It Mean to Be Community Driven

10.1. Thoughts?

10.2. Responsive vs. Reactive

10.3. Strategic Planning

10.3.1. Mission

10.3.2. Vision

10.3.3. Core Values

11. How Do We Communicate Impact?

11.1. How Do We Do This Currently?

11.2. Focused on Outputs

11.3. Enter Project Outcome

12. Welcome

12.1. Logistics

12.2. Agenda

12.3. Introductions

13. What or Who Is a Stakeholder?

13.1. Ideas?

13.2. Why Do Stakeholders Matter?

13.3. But Is the Library a Business?

13.3.1. Need to Have a Business Mindset in Some Ways

13.3.2. How and Why We Tell Our Story used to be non profits could say, we are doing good, we are the Library! (or museum, charity, or whatever) and people would support with money with votes with patronage now, there are so many non profits competing for the same support, we have to give them something concrete to prove we are worthy outcomes

14. But Don't We Collect Statistics, You Ask?

14.1. What Do We Collect in Your Experience?

14.1.1. What Can We Tell by These Things?

14.2. What Would You Like to Determine About the Work You Do or About the Library in General?

15. Why Is Outcomes Measurement Different?

15.1. How Much We Do Vs. What Good We Do

15.2. Capture Changes

15.2.1. Knowledge

15.2.2. Behavior

15.2.3. Confidence

15.2.4. Awareness

16. What Can We Do With Outcomes?

16.1. Communicate Value

16.1.1. To Stakeholders

16.1.2. Pave the Way for Partnerships

16.1.3. Alternative Funding Sources

16.2. Improve

16.3. Decide How to Allocate Resources

17. Input/Output/Outcome Activity

18. SMART Goals: What the Heck Are Those?

18.1. Specific

18.2. Measurable

18.3. Achievable

18.4. Relevant/Results

18.5. Time-bound

19. Questions/Discussion

20. Project Outcome Webinar

21. Project Outcome Website Overview

22. The one issue I know you will all have (because I had it, too).

22.1. These surveys don't capture X! They don't perfectly match my program!

23. The Survey Process

23.1. Which Programs/Services to Choose

23.2. Creating Surveys

23.3. Administering Surveys

23.4. Entering Data

23.5. Data Analysis Tools

23.6. Improve and Repeat