Organization structure (Circle of money: From community to profit back to non-profit.)

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Organization structure (Circle of money: From community to profit back to non-profit.) by Mind Map: Organization structure (Circle of money: From community to profit back to non-profit.)


1.1. This sub-organization is the fundament of this business. The system should be so created, that it is like the lower opening from a funnel, where the incomes would be created. The only task which this company has got is to invest this money into new ideas. To generate new customers. So its every the same circle of money. Money would be generated on, flow to this company, and we could after look, how we reinvest this in genius ideas, where all could profit from this.


2.1. This subcompany is to create a map wich should depict the complete world as a structured map. The reason for this would be, that when its all complet, and the map is written for a timepoint x, its much easier to have an overview over all relations which exists on earth. So it should be possible to create a lot of good connections which could create a lot of more values in all points. Human values and new use cases with a big value inside. And all is then after the theme: Think global, act local.


3.1. This network should be the profit-organisation in the company. The idea behind is, that we build exactly like the mind map from the same topics. So every user could create new ideas on a theme he'd love. So it would be grow a idea-map where every user could look, if its possible to connect to an other idea. To create a new company. Further, its very easy to disconnect and connect new companies. The idea is, that if a user earn somee money with his idea, and could sell it to another person, he becomse a small fee from the buyer. So it woud generate at least a big connected pyramid where every user could try it to generate some money. That would be great if we think about the problems where we have with automatisation.

4. Really Fair should be the foundation of a company, which is dividet in 3 companies. 1 non-profit organisation, one community organisation, and one profit organisation. We try to take the benefits of each businesstype so that it should be possible, that each company could push the other businesstype up.

4.1. We think, that the best way to make a little bit better world for all is, when we try to bring non-profit and profitcenter togheter. And the best solution for this would be, when the customers (All humankinds) could help to develop this kind of company. For this, we would make a plattform with a mindmap-structure. We try to develop it with ... maybe you ;-) ? The result of this mindmap should be, that the whole world is designed with it, means all parts which we have on earth. (A very small example i have created here: CreateYourHumanity.WG::GmVH & ALL ) The idea behind is, that after could help all humans wich would bring a little bit more order in our life that at the end a bigger picture of the world and all interest, culters, human values and all other stuff exists. The idea which i have would be, that it should be possible that we could create automatic a weform from each topic, that the users could use it to fill this mindmap. So we would have at least a stuctured plan of the whole world. The next part would be the I choose the domain .net beacause of 2 meanings. First would be, that the whole structure should be created like a network, which react like a chain. It should be possible that the basic-structure from the community should be the same as from The idea is, that every human i think would have the possibility to think and create some small ideas which could make this world a litte bit better, and furhter maybe its possible, to create an own small companie. Maybe too, when we connect any ideas. Further it should be possible, that all users could rate the ideas. So we see which ideas have interests for many users. Then its sure to invest in such ideas. And because payment would be the best practise whene someone extends its idea with an other idea, he must pay a little bit to the founder. So a small idea which is very cheap could grow to a bigger market. Without doing something. And further its like a dynamic chain. It would be very easy to disconnect an idea from one place and connect it with an other idea, whene its more useful. Then at least, our companie earns from each small until big idea. After we collect this in and make there a non-profit organisation, wich invest or spend some money to the creators of the idea. So it would be lice a circle principle.


5.1. This last sub-company is the think-tank of the organisation. Here should be the A-Emploies of the company. This is the unit where all ideas would be viewed from our own experts, and where maybe could create some connections between any ideas and then help the inventors to realise this idea.