The death of Sammy the cat

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The death of Sammy the cat by Mind Map: The death of Sammy the cat

1. Wilson

2. Smit

3. Lives in Victoria

4. In Departartament

5. Lives in Duncan

6. In a House

7. 1) Visited Smith

8. 2) Cries twice

9. 3) Smith did not know had happened

10. 4) She said that Sammy had died one nightbefore

11. 5)She was very sad

12. 6) She was very sad too, because I had no where to bury the cat

13. 7) Wilson offered to bury the cat in your garden

14. 8) Smith is the grateful and sat down to take you up to 5:00 pm

15. 9)Smith put the cat in a bag

16. 10)Ms. Wilson took the bag and went to auto stop bus

17. 11)She hope the truck and compreo newspaper

18. 12)When I finally get the bus she was raised and put the bag next to your feet

19. 13) Arriving at Duncan the bus bass and he realized that he had forgotten something

20. 14)Forgotten bag with Sammy on the bus