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Scotland by Mind Map: Scotland

1. Golf

1.1. Scotland is very happy for golf and ther in the champion ship

2. Bagpipes

2.1. Bagpipes is scotland favorits instrument

2.1.1. Bagpipes can be many colors but the most off them are red white brown Black

2.1.2. Bagpipes can be realy rare ther is bagpipe is so many moneys worth is 143989 Euro

3. Whisky

3.1. Scotland love whisky ther have ther own whisky is the famous blended scotish whisky

4. Kilt

4.1. Scotland kilt

4.1.1. Kilt have many lines

5. Lochs

5.1. loch ness is one off the most famouse lochs in scotland

6. Montains

6.1. Ther is so many beautiful montains in scotland